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walkabout1935October 26, 2009

One of a number of items from an estate, for which I am trying to obtain information. What is its use? When made? Est value. The bottom of the sucer 18270 A makers 7610. sterling silver.

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I can't see a picture of what you have....but whatever it is it's Lenox China and was sold by Tiffany and the other thing is sterling and also made and sold by
The numbers will tell you when....but I haven't bothered to look it up. Inquiring minds want to know what you have? Besides a Tiffany mark! LOL!
Linda c

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Linda, if you see that big blank space above the obvious pics, then scroll right. I thought the same thing until I went exploring. The pictures are just too large for the format. It looks like a china or porcelain insert inside a fancy metal frame. I have a chafing dish designed like that.

But, after looking at it more, it looks like it could be a cup finished off heavily in a gold-dip over the china and a saucer to match. If that's the case, it's just a lovely, very ornamental tea cup and saucer, I'd say. Beautiful.

The photos look so obvious to the senders, because they know what pieces look like in person, but really monitors are sometimes tricky when trying to identify material. It really, really helps when posting photos to give at least a cursory description, and also a size reference, and any pertinent details you may have heard about it. Saves a lot of 'rule outs'.

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The picture off to the right has it all put together. Looks like a tea cup. Sterling silver cup holder with saucer and cup handle attached all in one and china insert to finish the set. Very pretty.

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It's a sherbet cup I believe....I would say boullion but there is only one handle. Are there more?
Let's see what Antiquesilver has to say.
anything with the Tiffany mark is extra special...
Linda C

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Thank you. The over all height is 2 3/4". Silver nest is 2 1/8" high, cupis 2 1/8" high-2 3/8" across top, saucer is 4" across. Ther is but one handle. I have six of these-but one cup is broken.

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Also could be intended to be for hot chocolate.
the could be used for lemon or chocolate...or hollendaise...
If you are not into serving hot chocolate or sherbet in sterling cup holders with Lenox inserts! LOL!

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Hi Walkabout,
It's a beautiful little cup, although I don't know its exact purpose. Tiffany made coffee spoons (for formal after dinner occasions?) that were larger than demitasse but smaller than 5 o'clocks so maybe this is the corresponding sized cup & holder.

There are many who specialize in Tiffany silver (I'm not one of them) who can give you more knowledgible information on the markings but I'll give it a shot until someone else comes along. All of this info is from a little pocket guide of Tiffany silver by SMP (Scott Martin Publications):

The numbers on either side of 'Makers' represent the pattern number & the order number, respectively. According to the brochure, these numbers may be looked up in Tiffany Silver by Mary Grace Carpenter.

The single letter indicates the initial of the surname of the then current president of the company. There were at least 4 'M's used over the years (& this is where an expert opinion comes in handy because different books show different interpretations):

Uppercase M in Times New Roman font = Edward C Moore 1869-1891. Lowercase of the same font sometimes used in the 1870's;

A fancy lowercase m like the marking on your silver = John C Moore 1907-1947;

An uppercase hand printed-type M = Louis Moore 1947-1955.

Hope this helps.

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You might be able to narrow down the date by researching the time frame that Lenox made inserts for Tiffany.

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OMG! I have those! Eight (or was it 12?) with those exact Lennox cups and sterling holders (not sure if they were Tiffany -- we're Reed & Barton folk) - have to check.

I had it appraised about 10-15 years ago and was told they are demitasse cups and holders worth (at that time, if I recall) about $500.

I'll have to dig out the appraisal and will post an update then.

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I dug out mine and as it turns out, it's a set of 12 Frank M Whiting sterling demitasse cups and saucers with Lennox liners.

I also dug out the appraisal, and unfortunately, can't place too much credence in it since it appears she clearly misidentified the silver hallmark. (Wasn't a cheap appraisal either!) But for what it's worth, here is what she said ten years ago:

"Demitasse set of 12 Willcox Sterling saucers and frames (Style B811 marked on saucers) with Lenox porcelain liners; white with double gold band. Excellent to mint condition for the silver. Circa post World War II. 4" Diameter saucer; 2 1/2" high cup and saucer. $1,500.00

Looking online, similar sets of 6 seem to SELL for up to $400 or so, though your Tiffany markings certainly add cache and value. I saw some online listings offering similar sets for $175-350 *apiece* but I doubt that's realistic in today's market.

Hope that helps.

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Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 38th edition says Libby made insert end of 19th century beginning of 20th century. The 2 5/8 in. cups were Demitasse cups with Tiffany,Redlich & Co. & so probably other companies. Maybe a popular fad at the time, to sip a rich coffee from such delicate little cups, after dinner( my dictionary says). Looks like they came in sets of 12. The Lenox & Redlich set was valued at $1200 in 2004. 36 troy oz of silver. I imagine Tiffany would be more so about $100 or so for 1 cup set!!

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I see that one of your cups was broken -- Just looking online this morning, it appears that shouldn't be hard to find. Virtually *every* sterling demitasse set I saw had those same Lennox cups, and they were referred to as 'liners'. Seems the Lennox piece was regarded as more the serviceable background to the sterling...

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