Hello everyone I've been out of touch for a while

chattypatty_79June 19, 2005

Just wanted everyone to know that I was still around,I've been out of comission for a while, have had four strokes since Sept. Now I am having seizures, they are sending me to Wake Forest hospital pretty soon now, and I really don't want to be away from my family. On top of that I fell and cracked my elbow. Wow it gets interesting around here. I hope this finds everyone and their families in the best of health........my Prayers and regards to all Chatty Patty

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Hi Patty...it has been a while. Sounds like you have been far too busy being sick. Seizures are not that uncommon after a stroke. I hope they can get them under control, so you won't have to be at Wake Forest too long. Good Luck! with all that. Don't be such a stranger! DW

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Oh my, CP, you've really been having a time of it.
I'll be keeping you in Special Thoughts & prayers. I hope you will be doing better very, very soon.

Blessings, katclaws

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Hi Patty... No wonder you've been off the forum for a while! Sorry you've been going through so much--a broken elbow isn't any fun, either! :) I pray it heals well and you make a wonderful recovery from your strokes and seizures. God bless you. ~breezy

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Hi patty! how are you feeling now, i was wondering what happened to you too. is lake forest hospital far away from your home? will you be there long? i'll be thing about you you have been through alot. debbie

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