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ncamyFebruary 14, 2012

Does anyone know anything about the island vent hoods on eBay? They seem awfully inexpensive. What do you see as the drawbacks to something such as the one attached? We have a very tiny kitchen that will require an island hood. I would rather not have something bulky but rather something that will "disappear" such as the ones with glass wings. It's will be over a 36" induction cooktop (brand to be determined.) The other appliances in the kitchen are Wolf and Monogram.

Here is a link that might be useful: eBay hood

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If you want it to work well, an island hood probably needs to be wider than the cooktop.

Possible issues:

Can you get any reviews? It could be just great, or could be noisy, the LED's underpowered, the electronics could fail, parts may be unavailable, etc. OTOH, you could replace the whole thing a couple of times for less than another hood.

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Sophie Wheeler

99% of all of the cheap hoods available on Ebay are exactly that: cheap. There's a difference in that crap and finding something like a Broan or Faber hood on Ebay that someone put on there because they bought the wrong size. If it uses a 6" duct or smaller, it's not something that will actually be able to provide above around 400 CFM, and if it claims that it will, that's a fraudulent claim. Most on Ebay fall into this category. "Italian design" means Chinese made. Not good. If it's not 304 stainless in 16 gauge (smaller numbers are thicker) or thicker, then it's highly suspect. If it's not a well known name brand, and there is no information available as to the country of origin, or the quality and thickness of the stainless, and you cannot readily find a parts diagram, and you cannot find replacement parts available, and you are not very handy with electrical motors and machining, then steer clear of purchasing it.

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The prices do seem too good to be true. I would not expect at that price for the hood to be top of the line. However when I looked at similar looking hoods online at ajmadison (for $1900) they also had 6 inch ducts and other identical features so I just don't get it. Now when I speak "top of the line" I'm thinking Modernaire or Rangecraft, something in the $7-10,000 price range. I don't think we're going to go that route at this time. But how would these cheaper hoods compare to the ones that are priced around $2000???

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We got a $550 island hood with glass wings on ebay. It's been in about a month. Looks great. Made by Eureka. Make sure u get the one with many fan speeds and four lights with higher wattages. I have a thermadore wall hood i have been keeping in the garage for no apparent reason, and frankly, I don't see the differene in quality. The thermadore is a 6" exhaust also. In fact the eureka has many more features like fan shut off delay and a few other things I have not figured out yet. The LCD screen read-out is nice also. It is noticeable but not obnoxiously loud. we like it and it seems to b doing the job.

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LCD screen in a hood -- the mind boggles. It seems to me that to justify itself it would need to do a lot more than report fan switch position, such as show fan rpm, house differential pressure, and predicted exhaust air flow rate. It should also provide a display interface (perhaps wifi driven) so one can use a nearby laptop to present a recipe near eye level. Some method of measuring baffle or mesh contamination should be included to display a cleaning warning.

This may be the new frontier of hood design.

So, please, jeff7084, enlighten my evidently archaic view of hood design with a description of what the Eureka LCD screen is intended to show the user. The OP may also find the information useful in comparing hoods on ebay.

As for ModernAire, Wolf, Abbaka, etc., eat your respective hearts out.


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