Is this tea set worth anything?

anglnOctober 9, 2012

Japanese tea set ( i think that it is hand painted)

the tea pot has a chip on the spout

there are 3 cups and 6 saucers

fair condition with some small chip spots on a couple saucers

has been in the family china cabinet since before i was born i believe

any help would be appreciated!

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Only thing I know is I have seen it before many times, usually the saucers or a cup ,sometimes teapot minus the lid & sometimes just the lid. Any markings on the bottom? Is it child sized or for adults. Kids stuff is often worth more.

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Everything is 'worth something"....but also your set is missing 3 cups, the creamer and sugar bowl and the pot has a chip.....and it's not one of the more desireable patterns.
So...the answer is yes it's worth 'something" but not a lot. You might get more if you sold just the 3 cups and saucers one at a time.
Linda C

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Look on ebay for lustreware or lustre ware or luster ware or lusterware, & MIJ or made in japan or occupation or occupied japan.

It isn't real expensive, but collectors often need pieces to complete their sets.

I love that stuff!

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Linda is right sell the 3 cups and saucers as a set of 3 and then sell the rest by the piece,if some one is missing a cup or saucer you have a better chance of selling them, the tea pot spout has a good size chip in it, but the lid if in good shape is worth more than the pot.

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