Hey Deborah! Get my last email?

Glitter53June 20, 2005

Just wondering if you received the email I sent on the 16th. I know you're busy, but I didn't want you to think I didn't write back...Toodles! Linda

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Hi Linda! and everyone else! I'm just so behind in everything! the heat here is just unbelieveable, first i'm complaining about the cold now it's the heat! also i am walking proof that if your tired and stressed you will get hurt, yes, i cut open my other leg on a rusty plant stand, which reminds me that if you don't have a tetnus shot you should especially if you're working in the garden, lucky thing i had another accident before (if this is lucky) and had to have one, Al says what a klutz i am, no i'm just tired. Carley has 2 exams today and i just dropped her off and one at 1:30 today and 2 more next monday then she's finished. i can honestly say i'm looking forward to having her home, she and Matthew have had a bad year, well last few years, so she does need that down time and so do i - lol. my sprained ankle is swollen and this cut is hurting me, but it's 55 out and i'm putting a blanket down on the grass before it get hot out to weed some of these flower gardens out. enjoy the day and don't forget to wear a hat and use sunscreen! debbie ps talked to sandra in the superstore on sunday, she says she doesn't like to go to her store on her dayoff, who can blame her! - even on her dayoff she looks great!

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Good grief, girl....are we to wrap you in bubble-wrap??!!! AND put you in a padded room??? What next!

Here's the thing: when you have something like a new cut on your leg, you're supposed to NOT be sitting on a blankey, on the grass weeding!!! Lovely that you had the tetnus shot, Sweetie (heaven knows you certainly require such protection!), but have you applied antibiotic creams to it and bandaged it up? Watch it for infection.....oh, good heavens...silly girl....

Yes, I can understand how you'd be looking forward to having your Carley home for the summer....does she have a summer job? Can't believe she's coming our way to go to school in the fall!! We're not far if she wants to scoot into the BIG CITY...lol...for a weekend getway...Downstairs guest-room...hot-tub...her own bathroom, living-room...hahaha!!! Waiting for you and Al too, if you come our way with her! I'm sure she'll do very well on her exams...wish her well from me!

So Sandra was in the grocery store on Sunday??!! That gal needs a LIFE! hahaha!!! I must try to find her one when we visit in a month or so!

Which is when I'll see YOU! We should be hitting town fairly late on August 8th, leaving our hotel in Mackinaw City, Michigan that morning. Not sure how long it'll take, but it can't be much worse than driving from here to ThBay...12 hours! Ouchies! Did that many, many times!

So. Do try to take care of yourself at least until the 8th, so that I can see what you look like in one piece, okay?
Good girl. ;-D

Hope everything else is settling down nicely...

Hugs and Blessings

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good thing the bugs were bad, couldn't stay outside very long and the i got a call to pick me up i'm finished my exam. i did put on bactroban (you have to ask for it, it's used at hospitals after operations and promotes healing)at 20.00 for a small tube it should work, and it is healing nicely, only i'll have a scar (no one should be looking at my legs anyway) matthew calls anyone with larger ankles cankles which i have, but soaked it last night. i also forgot to mention that my rotary cutter nicked my finger pretty good too! then i decided to cut 2 more new boards for a park bench we have, one tooth on the saw got my leg - can you believe it. anyways i got then new boards on (little neighbour boy thought he could stand on it and cracked it, now i have the back gate locked and have it wired shut, so he can't get in, yard is not kid proofed, and i'm tired of telling him not to touch stuff while his more just stands there and smiles). carley writes 2 more exams on monday and she is finished, except for the correspondance course she is taking -- families in a diverse society, to make her final year in high school a little lighter, i'm so glad she'll be finished high school next year, with all the schools they're closing here. can you believe this course cost me 190.00 for her to take? great government we have, i thought schooling was free? al was having alot of trouble breathing last night, i don't know if it's because of the weather, night now it's 76 out and it's supposed to go up to 97! we're just going to do nothing today since this is perfect migrane weather and i don't need one even at the best of times. i planted quite afew pernnials on sunday, only 1.00 each and the pots were huge and afew bedding plants also the same price, they are sold at the corner store across from hillcrest high and i get them there every year. trust me when i say i'm not exciting looking, well maybe all my booboos are. time to take out my furry baby. enjoy the day and think of me in this humid heat, debbie

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Oh Debbie...for goodness sake, be careful!!! I know you have a lot on your mind and when we do, we tend to be prone to accidents...we're just not really focusing on any one thing. Since you've shared all of your accidents of late, I will share something with all of you, which I haven't told anyone else, since I was SO darn embarassed...On Sunday, we were planning to go to my sister's house for Father's Day...mom was already there because she had spent the nite Sat nite. I was getting stuff ready to bring with, my DH had gone over to pick up his mom to take with us...so I'm running around, getting things together and my darling Golden Retreiver, Cheyenne, who is almost two now, decides it is play time and starts taking anything he can get his mouth on and dragging it all over the house, just to get my attention (very much like a kid)...so I'm chasing him and thinking, this isn't going to work, he's so full of energy (and this is after a 3 mile morning walk with us) and I have to crate him while we're gone because he still can't be trusted, so I'm thinking I'll give him a tranquilizer, one of his, from the Vet...only use them when really needed..my thoughts were it was better to tranq him so that he's calm in his crate and then maybe he'll be calm when we get home with mom cause she can't stand any kind of commotion....OK, long, long, story short...what do I do? I TAKE THE TRANQUILIZER!!! Don't ask me why...it was NOT a conscious decision and I realized it about 30 seconds after I took it...so now my husband is back with his mom, so now I give one TO THE DOG this time, and we leave...I'm thinking, the dog weighs 75 lbs and the meds go by weight, I weigh much more than him, so I should be ok...we get to my sisters and I feel like I've had three martini's!!! And, I am so embarassaed because of what I did, I can't tell anyone!! I'm trying to help my sister prepare and I'm dropping one thing after another...I finally said I had a horrible night and needed to go lie down, which is what I did and slept for about two hours...after that, I was a little groggy, but ok...talk about being distracted!!!
So, Debbie, try to focus more (like I plan to do!) and maybe we can both stay safe!!!....take care, Mimi

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Oh, Mimi!! ROLF!!! You've provided me with the best laugh I've had in AGES! Sorry! LOL!!! But I TOTALLY understand how that can happen! I've almost taken our Tammy's pill to stop her from leaking piddles, as they're near my own morning pills!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, my...my eyes are watering and my cheeks are sore! How distracted we can be!!

Sorry....I apologize if I'm laughing at what you did, but it's so close to something I'D do that I completely understand how that can happen!!! OMG!!! I'm hysterical!!

You painted such a graphic picture of the goings-on at the tme you took it and how you tried to "cover your tracks"....too hilarious!! Okay. I'll stop now...snork...sorry....That was a precious story!!

On a more serious note: I totally agree with what you told Debbie. Being overtired and distracted can certainly cause us to make mistakes...LOL!...sorry...ahem....Debbie: we'd like you to slowly back away from your rotary cutter and saw...slowly, now...and no one gets hurt....

Oh, goodness....did that ever feel good to laugh so hard! Thank you, Mimi...as a Mom of a fur-baby, BorderCollie, I'm quite familiar with the energy they have and their very obvious ways of seeking MORE attention, but...we really wouldn't have it any other way, would we? ;-D

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Hey Linda,
I'm so glad I provided you with a good laugh!! We all need more of them!!! I knew I could come here and share this story with everyone, because none of you would judge me. If I told my sister, she'd probably have me committed!!! Be well and take care, Mimi

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