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pam71February 11, 2012

I am upgrading my current range and ventalation. Going with either Wolf or DCS and still not sure about Df orAg (LP) and 30 inch range. I will be replacing otc micro with a 36 inch hood that will vent directly outside with about 4 to 5 feet of ducting. Would like a quiet hood and one that is easy to clean. As with the other post I have read, VAH is the push from many sales people. Also have looked at Kobe and Best by Broan.

Any suggestions?



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Modernaire (see their website) appears to be a brand that many GW forum members have raved about. I'm definitely considering if I move forward with my kitchen remodel.

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I have a DCS AG range and in my kit the DCS hood was to overpowering. I love the Modernaire but would have had to buy it from a dealer not direct and the cost almost doubled.
I settled for but am very pleased with my Kobe hood.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I do like modernaire, however, the closest retailer is too far away for me. Which Kobe model? Does it have the baffels or mesh filters?

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I have a baffle Kobe with my Bluestar range.
You lose a little bit in cfm with baffles, but it is a lot easier to clean (and baffles go in the dishwasher).
I chose Kobe because it was the most quiet per any given cfm, and also had a pretty good top cfm (I have a 6" under cabinet with a top cfm of 720).
Other little detail that was icing on the cake for me, no name showing on the hood, and no plastic switches.

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I am installing a Broan evolution - it listed as the quietest, at least on the lower settings.
I had to stay under the radar with the hood (less than 400 CFM) to keep the local inspectors happy.
If you really want something quiet - go with an exterior fan..

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Thanks for the inf. I now found out my local dealer does carry Modern-aire, so now am considering the ps1010 model. Curious if I will loose cfm's with baffles and if so how much? Also how quiet are these?

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