Another NXR review 18, 2014

Since I relied on information in this forum to inform my decision to purchase the NXR 30" natural gas range (item DRGB3001), and since in general there wasn't a great deal of review information out there, I want to add my experience.

I just took delivery today so I'll update this as the install happens tomorrow, as we begin to use it, and if any issues arise.

We ordered from AJ Madison and perhaps this isn't the place for a review of them, but since I saw some horror stories I'll say that they did fine for me. A little slow to process the order but otherwise good.

It came via HomeDirect USA, another source of Internet horror stories. Again, a little slow but nothing like I saw from some people. It took about a week to get moving at all then got from NY to Arkansas in a few business days. They were, if anything, overly communicative regarding the delivery and arrived at 9:15AM for a scheduled 9AM - 1PM delivery window.

The box was the most undamaged shipment I think I've ever received. It was well-packed inside, with multiple layers of cardboard and foam to protect the range itself. The box sat on two pallets with a third on top.

The range appears to be in perfect shape. I have photographed every conceivable side and angle, especially the enamel interior, in case issues arise; I want to be able to show that any damage wasn't there from the beginning.

My first impressions of the range itself pretty much match other reviewers here. It's a huge step up from anything I've used before. The fit and finish is a little better than I expected but certainly not perfect, though I'll say that the seams on the top are pretty well done. It feels sturdy and looks like a piece of commercial equipment.

As I said, I'll be back with more review information once the installation is completed.

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Congratulations, the NXR was a big upgrade for us also.

Be sure to remove all interior parts and boxes and do a wipe down; this will give you an idea if there are any chips from anywhere. If you do find some, they came from somewhere.

Check the door and make sure it moves cleanly. I recommend removing the door to check the porcelain on the bottom.

Remove the bottom cover for the oven burner and check to verify that it is intact.

Let us know what version of the range you have. Older ones had a toe kick area, newer ones do not.

A final note, not that you want to hear this, but Costco will again have these ranges on sale 2/24/14 - 3/16/14.

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As a first follow-up we had the new gas line run yesterday and the range is now in. After a few friends helped get it moved from the garage to the kitchen and I had time and better light, I found a handful of minor cosmetic fit and finish flaws. It's still better than I actually expected; if you're reading this considering an NXR just don't expect it to be absolute perfection.

There's one tiny dot in the top vent (rear of unit) that looks like a small center punch like you do before drilling. There are also a couple of areas where there are abrasions to the stainless. A few small areas of lettering around the knobs lack clarity as if the paint is rubbing off. I have so far found nothing that causes me concern or would motivate me to send it back.

All of the burners light and adjust beautifully. We actually haven't cooked on it yet since it was a late and hectic day yesterday. I've also tested the oven burner and it lights the complete "U" properly.

So all in all I'm content at this point. The door works smoothly, I can't find any enamel chipping, and the overall build quality is good if not perfect. After some experience cooking with it I'll update this post further. Or, of course, if we experience issues and have to work with Duro/Adco.

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Just for a view of the rest of the new installation, here's an inexpensive AKDY vent hood I installed. I know the debate; I wanted a true vent that moved air to outside the house. Previously there was a dual upper cabinet above the range with a recirculating vent attached to the bottom. That was 24" above the range.

I cut out the cabinets, salvaged the molding to wrap around the sides (what used to be inside of the side cabinets), added several rows of the glass tile (imperfectly, of course) to move the hood up to 30", textured and painted the newly exposed wall to the side of the vent, and ran the 6" ducting up through the ceiling and out the side of the house. This was actually a bigger job than changing the plain Romex for the old hood to a junction box so I could gang a 120V outlet down low for the NXR.

Forgive the fact that I haven't yet finished the black caulking at the sides for the new tile rows. The oil-based paint on the cabinets needs a bit more cure time so I feel safe I won't harm it.

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After several days of use I want to update to say that DW and I are loving this range. I of course still have some fingers crossed based on some issues others have had, the chief worry at this point being enamel chipping.

We've used the oven I think six times since the burn-in and no problems so far. It preheats MUCH faster than our old Maytag electric and cooks quicker and more evenly (we have been using convection so far to get used to it). Cookies, a pizza, a frittata...they've all come out great. Simmering rice on the stovetop worked far better than on the Maytag. My French toast this morning looked better than it has in years.

After more than 30 years on electric after using gas when I learned to cook in my mom's kitchen, it's wonderful to have that back, and I love being able to use any of the four burners to do any job I want. Both DW and I are amazed at how quickly pots, skillets and pans heat up, but also how easy it is to dial in just the heat you need.

I know my opinion might change if it turns on us and I have a nightmare of warranty support, but when it's behaving as it is now, this is a joy to use and does everything I expected and hoped it would, and more.

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