what is this?

jaynboroOctober 19, 2010

i found this "topper" dumped in a brush pile on the side of the road. have had it for about 5 years and have often wondered what it came off of. anybody have any ideas?

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Can't answer your question, but sure wish I could find one in a pile of brush around here! Very cool.

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May have been in a graveyard, was there 1 anywhere near where you found it? Looks very old, love the patina!

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The top of a brick column at a gate,...as good a guess as any.
Linda C

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What is the approx weight of the piece? Color and patina looks like it has some copper. Slot on one side looks like it is hollow?

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It's the finial for a brick column, often made of concrete or limestone.

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Cool Beans :0) I'd love to find something like that!

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It is similar to the top of a gate post, or post(s) used to make railings, or other decorative posts such as a lamp or sign post. Depending on size, it could have graced the top of a tombstone or momument. It would be helpful to identify the its material and method of manufacture. Is it a casting, injection molding, or made of more than one piece? Can you detect any parting lines or sprue locations? Turn it upside down - Any markings? Hollow? How thick? Sand cast finish? Etc.

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i found no markings on the bottom. here are a few more pics of "seams" and bottom. i weighed it and it is 70 lbs. i believe it is concrete. i think it was painted solid green at one point. i agree with the idea of a column top or tombstone. guess will never know for sure.

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