silver2June 5, 2008


Having been down the road with this problem, I have come up with a frugal solution. My first step with my Dad when he was dying was Depends, which were a godsend. Than the problem recurred with another family member. So we purchased the extremely expensive lined briefs. They are less expensive than the disposable type and last well. Now I have moved on to sewing linings in regular briefs, which works well and is much easier on the budget. When three pairs of briefs cost close to thirty dollars, it can be painful with gas being as high as it is. You can use flannel and Pul 1 mil fabric and put a lining in the brief, front to back. It is not noticeable or noisy. Gives one the opportunity to live normally and control the problem.

Hope this tip helps someone.

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Interesting, I don't sew at all so that would not help me, but I sure can see it helping many others that actually know how to thread a needle. Good tip, thanks for sharing!

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