WASN'T a stroke

heydeborahJune 10, 2005

well i ended up calling 911 at 12;30 this am, the ambulance came, within seconds, think they were at a&p (lol), al didn't want to go but after having him inpain for a couple of hours plus he sent us out for more baby aspirin at 10:30, to make this very long story short, he has CHF again and his enzymes are low, he;ll be in hospital for the weekend. it's funny how women - dd andi knew something was happening afew days ago and even said this to each other. got to go and have a short nap now, have a safe weekend, and join in the circle tonite if you can! debbie

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Hi debbie... Thank God it wasn't a stroke. Prayerfully, they'll be able to minister to Al and make him comfortable. May God give you strength and keep you free from those dreadful migraines. ~breezy

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BIG sigh of relief for you guys! I hope he gets a good "tune-up" and feels much better when he gets home. Poor guy..he has such a tough time, as do you all. Shalom...Derry

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Well I am glad to hear that, unfortunately, I do not know what CHF is. If you don't mind my asking, I would like to know.

It is obviously not a minor thing, or he would not be in the hospital this weekend, hope he comes home soon.

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here it is almost 5 am and i should be sleeping!but the humidity is so high here! but atleast Al will be cool and comfortyable in the hospital!(please excuse my typing, don't want to turn on any lights!) It has been a baf few days, the Emerg. doctor took Al off his insulin!! - they didn't give him any until Saturday at lunch, Al is nattering at me about this, then i find out the real reason are you ready for this one, it seems they had to contact the lab for his glucose reading - are you sitting down it was Forty-four!! normal is 7 to 10 the machine only registers up to 25! so now i know why --and he didn't want me to call 911! CHF is Conjestive Heart Failure - in layman's terms = fluid around the lungs (this was the exact wording they gave to me, no bedside manners here, and i can still hear that tone and not understanding the doctor because of his accent!(sorry i'm not known to be someone who is prejedust, and if i've offended i apologize!) and then telling Alan he doesn't take his meds, which he does because i stand there when he takes them. (and we had just said to each other, it's been 4 months since he'd been in the hospital, a record for not being there, i guess we spoke to soon). he is hooked up to a heart monitor, has one chest x-ray a day, hates the food - yes i am still bringing him his meals but only 2 a day (because i am sticking to the visiting hours times). the doctor is pushing for him to go to Hamilton - southern ontario and is below toronto - know this is at least a 20 hour car ride or 1 1/2 hours by plane, but we know he won't survive the operation so we have decided to go the meds. route and leave everything to the powers that be. he has also told me not to call his mother or sister, he said that he can't stand the phoniness of the both of them, so my dear,dear friends matthew,carley and i do it alone (matthew's co-workers have been just great, as well as carley's teachers, they gave her work to do until a week from this tuesday when classes end, and if she can do it that would be great). re-reading this has made me sad, and especially now that day-light is breaking, think i'll just get dressed now and go to a 6 am mass. Make sure you tell at least 2 people how much you love them! debbie

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Hi Deb.
Sorry You and Al and the kids are going through this rough period right now.
I say a prayer for you often. I can only imagine how hard this must be.
Try to keep your Spirit's high, and tell Al,- Hi- from all your Garden-Web family.

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saying a prayer for Al and you and the kids!!! (((((Deb and family))))).. DianePA

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Debbie, you have strength beyond measure. Your family is so lucky to have you. But remember to take care of yourself, too -- you don't want another scare like you had a while back.

Some doctors do not know what "bedside manner" refers to. Fries my a**, let me tell you.

I hope Al is feeling better and home with you all soon.

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I'm keeping you, Al and the kids in my thoughts and prayers daily...know that you have friends pulling for you....Bless you, Angel....Mimi

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Debbie: You have my very best thoughts going to you and Al and the family.
CHF, is what both of my parents had, I just did not hear it that way.
You take care of yourself, and stay well.

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Look at the time! tleast i slept for awhile, dd and the dog who hasn't eaten for days are in bed with me, it's kindof nice but i think i do need to be alone but if it makes her feel better that's good, she's come to the hospital everytime i've went and hasn't done much for her homework, she said she can't concentrate at all! i'm surprised she did as much as she did! and she's still up to being silly waving at people who walk by )this is the new hospital called the Tajma hospital and is built like many courtyard and you can see people walking down a glass hallway, alot of money has been wasted and should have been spent on finding more doctors, i don't think people care about fireplaces and inlaid tiles with pictures on the floor - anyways a topic here that makes anyone in this city almost go crazy). it was so hot here because of all the rain we had on sat. nite, hard to believe living right on lake superior, and our house is only a 20 minute walk from it. al is miserable like always and wants to come home! but when i went with him for chest x-rays yesterday morning he had low blood sugar 2.4, they put him on an iv where his blood is now 14.6, so they take him off the iv, and give no insulin again, al's regular doctor is not in town, so we have another doctor, who is matthew's friends dad and also went to high school with al and they were also friends until he went away to university (well both of them, are you all confused yet? - lol)he comes in and al figures we're friends and maybe i can get him to let me go home, he tells al he won't be going anywhere, his x-ray shows that he has a bit of a spot on it and he also has pnenomia (sp) and also i find out, when the doctor says you also had a very,very mild heart attack and the CHF! if that isn't bad enough al says he also feels ill and thinks he might have picked up somekind of bug too! he also thinks the doctor is going to let him go home sometime today (since it is monday right now). the city i live in has the largest of people with heart disease and heart attacks, can you believe there are people in the hospital that are in their early 30's, they don't eat right, exercise, or live a fast lifestyle. i think that we eat right, i make everything and we only eat out if it;s someones birthday or a special occassion, we live within walking distance of the fast food strip and i can say that i've been to the golden arches maybe 6 times, we don't drink at all, and are very boring, but still there is illness, maybe it's the grain elevators here or the paper mills, although neither of us have worked at one of these. well my milk has warmed up so maybe this will make me go to sleep, enjoy your morning and keep your figures crossed al doesn't come home!!! I need the break such as it is, the nurses say he is a real sweetie pie and his room mate says he's such a nice guy because he's so quiet and polite! (ps he still says not to call his mother) debbie (and hugs to all of you too!!!)

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Glad everything is ok deborah.
Jeanine, not sure if anyone has answered yet, but CHF is CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE. My 86 year old Nana has it.

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Prayers and best wishes for Al and his family. Chatty Patty

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