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DTM65October 22, 2012

I have a set of lamps by Collection Francaise. I did a search for them but couldn't find anything even close to these lamps. Does anybody know anything about them?

Thank You

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The Collection Francaise was a US company that issued limited edition reproductions of classic French sculptures on a "bronze finish".

They also sold lighting, making repros of expensive French art nouveau, and classical lamps

As lamps go, they are good quality, but not considered as good at the French originals they copied.

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Would you happen to know what these lamps might be worth.
Thank you

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Whatever you can get for them. I'd ask at least as much as a similar lamp from a mid-range modern manufacturer.

If you are in an area where traditional and French sells well, you will get more than if you were in a place where it has to be IKEA.

Identify the metal and the black stuff - an accurate description will always help increase the sales price.

And sell as a pair, or a trio, because they are harder to find in vintage lamps

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