Getting rid of old appliances?

deannadFebruary 6, 2012


DH just installed my new oven and in a few weeks my new cooktop will be installed. However, I can't figure out how we should get rid of the "old" ones? The oven is completely dead and the cooktop is close, so no one would want them...just wondering if anyone has any good ideas?

We are near Houston, TX if that helps.

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Some cities will pick up old appliances for a nominal fee.

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In my area there are people that go about on trash days looking for things like that for scrap metal. you might ask your neighbors if they know about large item pick ups or if anyone drives around looking for scrap metal. If you are in a gated community you may not have scrappers.

For old fridges my power company will take old working ones between 10 and 30 cubic foot. they recycle them and pay you a $50 check.

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If they're past the age where their FMV isn't even worth moving them -- dead, in your case -- I always make take-away part of the new appliance purchase deal. That's how I've handled all of my change-outs for the last couple of decades. Haven't yet had any vendor charge me for it. I've gotten the impression they expect to do it as a matter of course and likely build it into the price.

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In most cases you can put FOR FREE ad on craigslist basically saying it is scrap metal and someone will come pick it up.

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Do you have bulk trash pick up where you live?

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Also check your local utility company. Our UC will pay for our refrigerator!!

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I'd take them to the curb and they'd be picked up on Friday (for free) but saying that doesn't do you any good. I suggest calling whoever picks up your trash and asking them for advice.

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