Any 'head-vase' experts, here?

ks_toolgirlOctober 29, 2011

Hi, I have a head vase that I cannot identify... Every few months, I get it (her?) out & try again - only to spend hours online (eBay & google, etc), only to come up empty. Again. So back into storage, she goes.

She's about 5" tall, blonde, green dress, 3-strand chain necklace - 1 strand has interspersed "pearls". There are no marks on the bottom, that I can see, but something is clearly missing - felt? A sticker?

I hope someone can finally solve this mystery - I appreciate any help!

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I have lots of books, on collectibles, unfortunately boxed away right now.

But I did look through them - Lefton, porcelain & pottery in general, etc, another "maker-specific" book that I can't recall...

I realize that not every piece gets featured in every book - but then again, perhaps this isn't necessarily a "desirable" vase by a known company?

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Sorry - of course, I do see "marks" on the bottom. They looked to me like someone had scribbled with an ink pen. I could be mistaken, of course.

Just wanted to acknowledge that - yes - there are markings. Sorry about that!

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Is that not a late 1930's bob hairstyle? Maybe even a bit earlier?

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There were thousands and thousands of different head vases made. Yours appears to be late 30's or very early 40's, with the rolled sides and the dip in the front hair style.
Without any mark it's going to be tough to ID.
Probably a collector's club will be your best bet. Good luck, she's particularly nice with her open eyes and red cupid's bow mouth!
Linda C

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Thanks to both of you! Funny, one thing I hadn't paid much attention to was the hair. Lol, it struck me as "pulled up", & I didn't put much thought into it.
I went ahead & got another pic, to show hairstyle better. I'll go ahead & post it, although its probably not neccesary at this point. Ftr, I thought the lips were cute, also, but seemed rather sloppily hand-painted, lol.

What struck me most, is the crazy disproportionate necklace! How could that be original to anything, except a rap video? :-) I'm not a "head-vase" kind of girl, myself. When BFF passed, this is one of things I salvaged. She had intended to sell it - I'll do the same, or give to goodwill. (Just in interest of full-disclosure, if I'm asking for info on something I definately don't intend to keep, I feel the need to say so).

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I'm wondering if the necklace was an "add-on" as it doesn't seem the right proportion with the piece. Often if there was a necklace there were also earrings. Not always, but very often.

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A little OT, but head-vase related story. SIL was at a yard sale. Sid seemed like "kids" selling off "grandmas" stuff. A LOT of head vases on table... selling for $.50 each. She did NOT want them, but had seen/heard/read that some were highly collectible. She told the "kids" (she's pushy like that) to take them back inside and check them out for value before GIVING them away. A guy behind her piped up... they're not worth anything. She said, and most likely NOT quietly, SEE, that guy wants them!

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LOL Yeah, we have more than a few 'professional' yard salers here who use the same tactics and then scoop up stff for a song themselves to resell at profit. I'm also guessing the necklace is really a bracelet added by a previous owner for a little pizazz.

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