Your favorite interactive online caregiver forums?

arugulaJune 29, 2011

Hello all you lovely, tired caregivers~

Was wondering what sites you like for caregiver support. Obviously there's this one on Garden Web, which I use now and then.

I'm a blogger and get/give some support that way, but I find that forums are great for very specific questions, so would you be willing to share some of the ones that you find most helpful?

Because of my specific situation, I'm partial to those that focus on dementia and touch on parkinson's at least a bit. Here are a couple well organized ones I've used in the past that I found helpful: (They do have a section to talk about non-alzheimers dementia too.)


Here is a link that might be useful: Dopamine Diaries Caregiver Blog

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spam spam spam...

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WHERE is the spam, ogoopogo?

I checked all three links and didn't find anything but OTHER caregiver type sites.

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If I may speak for myself, the site I posted (my blog for caregivers) is not for profit, not for fame, not for any personal gain, ever.

I write to share with others and provide a forum for discussion. Most of the people who comment on my blog also have nonprofit caregiving sites and I support their work as well. If you can find anyone profitting or spamming from the link I provided, I NEED to know, because that is not my intention and I will end it immediately. I'm the author and am responsible for all the content. Its integrity is very important to me.

Thanks for listening!

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There are lots of people on these forums who have blogs. You're fine, as long as you are following the Terms of Service that spell out what a business can or cannot do. If we didn't post about some of the Cooking blogs, I'd never get any new recipes!

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Healthboards seems to have a forum for everything. Just like here, some more active than others.

Healthboards helped when I was rx'd with RA (arthritis) and I'd used them previously to help when sister's FIL had Alzheimers.

Sure wish I'd had a computer when I was caring for Mom with Alzheimers and Dad with Parkinson's. Would have helped so much to talk to others.

Here is a link that might be useful: Healthboards

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Thanks for the info. on healthboards. I just got my mom into hospice last week, so although it's a sad time, I'm hoping the caregiving struggles will start ebbing a bit.

Two blogs I still follow are "Under My Wing" and "Mom's Brain", because both the authors have such a matter of fact, soothing tone to their writing, and yet aren't afraid to dive into heavy stuff. Sometimes I get overwhelmed on message boards, but I find them really helpful for specific questions as they arise.

Thanks again!

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