Please recommend a vent insert

lexmomof3February 7, 2013

I've read through several threads but still don't feel like I have enough info (reviews from others) to decide. I'm planning to do a custom hood so I need a liner. The appliance dealer recommends Vent-A-Hood BH234PSLDSS. This is to go over a 36" 6 burner BS range. I've read that cleaning the baffles is a pain. Are there any other recommendations for vent liners that I should look at?

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Cleaning baffles just requires putting them in a dishwasher and running it. Removing and cleaning typical VAH fans and fan housings has been reported on this forum to be less than wonderful. You may have to read through several dozen threads here to find a sufficiently diverse set of recommendations.


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Lexmomof3, when you say "liner" do you want your vent fan inside the hood, in-line, or exterior (on the roof)? It's difficult to make a recommendation without having this information. I'm assuming you mean internal since you're considering the VAH.

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I seriously considered VAH but I couldn't justify the price difference.

I think Modern Aire and Trade Winds make good liners - according to my research. A dealer I spoke to a few days ago said she sold a lot of Broan liners.

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Texasgal47 - I hope I'm using the right terminology but I think what I mean to say is an insert to go inside a custom wood hood. It will be vented up through the second floor and through the roof to the outside.

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Trade-Wind is one that appears to give you the best bang for your buck. They are manufactured in the US, and their website is If you click on the section at the top of their home page "For Installers" and then go to that page, under Liners, go to the bottom of the list and click on Typical Liner to Remote Blower & Parts, they give the clearest explanation I've encountered for how a vent hood insert should be properly installed. That website also gives technical specs for all of their products. Appliances Connection is one website that sells Trade-Wind. The PSL74212 42" model may fit your needs. Google old gardenweb posts by Trailrunner. He has had a Trade-Wind insert for quite some time, does grilling and wok cooking, and highly recommends their hoods. I believe Best by Broan has the 24" deep inverted bonnet insert with various component options for more $$$. Folks on gardenweb speak highly of their products. Try AJMadison for their products.

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