Hi Nora...

abreezeJune 7, 2005

Just came in from outside to take a break for lunch and cool off a little. It's really hot today, but I LOVE IT! Winter was so cold and long. But not nearly as long and cold as Debbie's! :) (I don't know how you do it, Debbie.) Anyway I thought of you as I worked with my peonies and roses. You told how plentiful and pretty your roses were last year. This definitely is the best start my roses have had. The flowers got beaten down rather hard yesterday from several storms but still look healthy and productive. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and praying for you and your dear mother and dad. I know you have your hands full and very little time to be on the pc. May God give all of you strength and peace... with much love ~breezy

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Breezy, hope you don't mnd me jumping into your post to Nora, hope she checks in though, maybe we could have a special prayer circle for her and her dear,dear family on Friday nite, say around 9 pm? Same rules as usual, no signing up, just be there in spirit for her and anyone else you wish to pray for (this is for all our new,wonderful friends). you should have been here yesterday, 42 degrees, rainy, foggy,and sooo windy! but today, is starting to be really nice, high today will be 24 (75!), you won't believe this but our Macintosh apple tree is full of light pink bloods, the plum trees white, the lilacs are just coming out, purple and my rose bushes survived the winter, and i too have peonies (huge dark pink and get lighter as you go to the middle) but that plant is only about 16 inches high. i did plant tomatoes and a very,very small garden but all of our perinnials seemed to make it through the winter, even though things seem to be 3 weeks behind. Reember to put sunscreen on if you're going outside and to keep hydrated! debbie

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Hi debbie... Goodness, no! This thread is open to anyone. I think Nora would be pleased to know we are praying for her and the many others who need lifted up to the Lord. He's the One who sustained Mom and Dad and got me through the caregiving years with them...

Your blossoms sound gorgeous, debbie. I'm thankful spring is blooming in Canada! :) You must have hardy perinnials to withstand such cold winters. I pray Al is feeling better... God bless. ~breezy

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Hello Dear Friends, Yes,Yes....prayers are needed...we have had some bad days....Bless you both for keeping us in your prayers...it is such a comfort. It seems Mom is starting to not swollow...for the last several days I have been staying most of the time downstairs with them. It is so hard to see this happen....she is holding her little bites we give her...have to dry spoon many times after the bite...Tues. was a bad day with us seeing pain in swollowing for the first time...since then she has eaten very little. Hospice has been such a blessing....Tues. she got very adgitated,wanting to touch,reach out to you and then we saw almost a coma state...eyes closing,couldn't stay awake and eyes rolling back...we started the morphine and haldo...can't remember the spelling...it is for restlessness....every 6 hours...the nurse came Wed. and said...I am not God but if she continues this...1 to 2 weeks....Mom has stopped walking...she will stand just for a few minutes and then she goes down on you....my sister came,her girls...my sister stayed Wed. night and yesterday...she is still in many ways keeping her head in the sand....she will say she knows that Mom is leaving us but then she seems to not be able to go to Mom and give her the comfort of....letting Mom know that it is o.k. for her to go....they tell you that it is important to do this while they are leaving you like this....Mom is giving all the signs that she is leaving....I just can't seem to talk to my sister about this anymore....guess she has to deal with it the best way she can....yesterday Mom's sister and sister-in-law came from Memphis and we were surprised how Mom seemed to rally....still could not feed very much...she started to cough....they left about 3...they go by my sisters house so she went home. After about 30 minutes my Mom went to sleep....giving her meds...round the clock...every 6 hours....told my daughter that everyone is coming to see Mom now....sure would have been nice if they had spread it out over these last 9 years....last 2 days I have had to really pray and get myself emotionally in order.....have had so many feeling and emotions....some not so kind ones...but as I was talking with my cousin she told me that I needed to just focus on...one day at a time and continue to do as we have always done these last nine years and to handle and do what I needed to do with this last part of my journey with Mom and to heck with anyone else....know I have rambled on....you cry...your heart breaks...but I have cried out to the Lord and He is faithful....I have given it to him and times I struggle still....I...I...I....still comes but I also know that His love,grace and strength is my "peace that passes all understanding"....He is waiting for my "sweet and beautiful Mom and in His time He will come." My heart breaks for my Dad...he is hurting....I want to take care of his pain...but I can't...only thur the power of prayer and give him all the support,understanding and love that I can....Aug. 21 will be their 69th wedding anniversary....Dad is leaning on the Lord...He will be faithful. I will be checking in....as I have said before..God Bless you all for lifting us in prayer. Nora

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Dear Nora.....I am thinking about you all. I know this is so hard. You cannot worry aboout your sister;you have done your best with her. It really is her work to do. Certainly your Mom knows she is loved, that is most important. God will take her in His own time. She will likely be very sleepy on the Haldol and morphine. They are very sedating to one unaccustomed to them. I would not try to get her to stand ,probably too dehydrated and drowsy. You or she could be injured.
(((Nora & All))). 9pm tonite is for y'all. Derry

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I will be thinking of you and praying for you and your family...Patti

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((((((Nora))))))) I'm so sorry for what you are going through, I know it isn't easy! but at least you can say you did what you could for your mom and dad!!! I don't write often, but I do read the forum once a day at least! know that I pray for you and your mom and dad and family, and all the caregivers on here! as you say, one day at a time!!
I will try to remember to join the prayer circle tonight at 9pm! DianePA

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Dear sweet Nora... Many of us understand what you're going through... My heart is aching for you and your precious parents. When Mom began to hold food in her mouth, Hospice told me her body's ability to process/digest food was slowing down and would eventually stop... It is heartbreaking to see this happen... You feel so helpless. The meds will help keep her comfortable. You've given your dear parents such love, support, and comfort and literally provided a haven of peace for them in their old age... What a blessing for them and you - and what precious memories you'll have. Keeping you in prayer with much love, breezy.

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Dear Nora,

Thinking of & also praying for you & your sweet Mother & Dad. They have been so fortunate to have such a caring daughter. Your love shines through each time we hear from you.

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Dear Nora, just to let you know that i'm thinking of you and your family and asked the priest at the hospital for a special prayer for you all. debbie

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Dear Nora, Pastor prayed for your mother and family yesterday. God is Faithful; our hope and help is in Him... ~breezy

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Thinking about you this morning. This is so hard for you, but you can make it. The medicines will make her sleepy, but relaxed and more comfortable. Morphine can be a big blessing for anyone like her. It helps time to pass. Please remember that we are thinking about you. Take care

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Hey Guys....Thinking about you all! (((Nora and Mom and Dad)))

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Nora, I just received an e-mail from Gabby. She's been unable to get into GardenWeb's site. (They've had some technical problems that made it impossible for me to get in on occasion, also.) She found my address from the time I tried to help her when she was having computer problems. I sent her a CareGiver's link to click on; hope that helps her get in. I know she's anxious to "talk" to you. God bless you, dear one. ~breezy

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Dear Nora,

Just checking in with you! Have been away to Nashville for DH hi-school reunion. What fun & much needed getaway. Had "sock hop" 1st nite & then bbq.

Back to our parents now. Been wondering how your sweet Mother is doing. Also, your dear Dad & YOU.

Prayers are still coming from our home to yours.


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