Singer Treadle Sewing Machine

Karla12October 2, 2011

I just inherited a Singer Treadle sewing machine that was owned by my great-grandmother. I am wanting to restore it myself. I am doing a lot of studying to figure out how before I dive in. Anyway, the first problem is that someone along the way spray painted on the sewing machine itself - I assume to cover rust spots. It is a bright silver paint. I want to know if I should use paint remover to get this off or if that will damage the finish of the machine. It Actually is in pretty good condition. Someone also painted the cabinet and I am hoping I can strip it and refinish it but we will see how that goes.

I also want to know how to know what model it is. The serial number was painted over so I am trying to at least use paint thinner on that to get to the number. there is a date stamped on the treadle stand of January 4, 1987. I assume the machine was manufactured at the same time as the stand but not 100% certain.

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Try denatured alcohol on the silver paint. I can't imagine that it was rusty....I have seem old Singers that were stored in a barn and never saw a speck of rust.
If you can get the paint off....and a new belt and get the moving parts oiled....and new needles and should be able to sew just fine with it. No electric motor to mess with!
Linda C

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Never seen rust on an old treadle either. Sometimes a little on the iron of the treadle works. Did you mean 1887? Depending on the date of manufacture, appropriate needles can be hard to get, but there are online sources who carry original ones if you can get a size on them. The bobbin should be with the machine, or several in fact. If it's a round bobbin you may have better luck replacing them. My machines are all long bobbins but they're available as well online and are old salvadge originals. The bobbin chase is another story, so hopefully all parts are intact. It's also hard to get good leather replacement belts. I buy belts from Lehman's hardware in Amish country, but they carry rubber ones and they are not nearly as good as leather. I have no clue on how to remove silver spray paint. I successfully removed gilt paint somebody used on a pair of 1930s lamps with acetone nail polish remover, but I guess it's going to depend on the solvent carrier in the paint on your machine. What a pity. By all means, try to get that serial number. It'll nail your manufacture date on an old Singer.

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I bet the date is 1887.

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