cross and post horn symbol

cateyanneOctober 15, 2012

I have an old wooden music box approx. 12"long, 6"deep and 5"tall. It has a flower motif inlaid on the top and plays several classical pieces. Some of them really sound familiar but I have not been able to place them yet. I'll have to take the time to go through my classical cd's. The music is played off of a brass? cylinder with tiny teeth. There is no date I can find, though there are some individual numbers on some of the brass workings. There is also a symbol of a cross (Christian type with pointed ends, with the bottom, longer part of the cross wrapped with what looks like a post horn or french type horn. This is on the brass (comb?)_That rakes the teeth. Does this help identify the maker or age? As I said I don't know how old it is, it has been passed down through the family.

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We really need a picture...or 5 or 6.
There were a lot of music box I understand the cylinder ones are older than the disc ones...
Is it key would? or crank? Is the cylendar replaceable with a different one? Does one cylinder play several tunes?
And perhaps the tune will help date the box.
Usually the boxes are marked other than on the comb.
Linda C

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You wind it with a crank, back and forth a few times to get the box going. And the cylinder plays several tunes. Not sure if it is removable to put in others, have never tried. I will try to post pictures, it is at my mothers house and she does not live nearby. I appreciate your help. Thanks!

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