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heydeborahJune 13, 2005

well i finally got to sleep after all this humidity and then the phone rang at 8:40 am., debbie this is the regional hospital calling (my heart almost stopped) yes, al is ready to come home now, the doctor discharged him can you come and pick him up. well i'm mad because he is coming home, i tell her that i'm just having coffee and will be there when i'm finished (i did go an apologize because i felt that i sounded like a jerk to a stranger) and i say i don't think he should come home. i go to get him, he's dressed and sitting in his wheelchair and we go home, he decides to sit outside, which is good - nothing like fresh air and i go and pick up a prescription come home and have to go to A&P again to get pea soup which he requested, he comes in and eats really early and is now resting, which i am going to do after carley picks up some books from school. wish me luck in keeping my temper in charge! ps Linda, saw Sandra, but she was busy and looks great as always! debbie

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Welllllll, I always have mixed feelings about Al and the hospitals. It sure seems to me that they let him go too soon. It's almost as if they think that sleeping between hospital sheets performs some sort of magic. Instant healing. Next time, sew him to the mattress and dare them to let him out until his blood sugar is stable and the CHF has cleared for at least 36 hours. Good Grief!!!!!

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PeaBee do you think we're long lost sisters? you have no idea how angry i am!!! it's not only Al that they keep on discharging it's everyone there, if you have a baby you are discharged in 8 hours!! remember when ds was born i was in for a week and dd 4 days. there are simply not enough beds in this palace of a hospital, last night i changed his sheets myself, well at least i know it was done, again i was asked to give him his insulin, i refused saying we use a pen and i didn't know how to use a syringe! next you'll see me in the operating room! i am just fuming right now! i also told him he was silly to come home, he said he never suggested it this time! on the good side though, his blood sugar is 6.8! seems they gave him a regular diet at meal time and salt and bananas -- not good if your potasium is high! well it's 78 here and he's still asleep and the lilacs smell beautiful, enjoy your afternoon! debbie

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