GE Monogram Rebate - Help!

backfromtokyoFebruary 13, 2013

I was wondering if anyone who owns a 36" GE Monogram range took advantage of their current offering where if you buy either a GE Monogram hood insert or Dishwasher you receive a $1000 rebate.

The vent insert by Monogram is mesh and I would really like a baffle insert. And at the same time I have read all the reviews about the GE Monogram dishwasher and don't want that either. I would rather go Bosch for the dishwasher. But I have to choose one of these to get the rebate.

However, I do like the GE Monogram range and if I had to choose to get the $1000 rebate - where would you sacrifice the hood insert or the dishwasher.

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If you don't want either then don't! I'm not familiar with their DW but I certainly wouldn't get a mesh hood. They're obviously offering the rebate to push products that they'd otherwise have difficulty selling and they're having some success since you're seriously considering it. The $1000 won't seem like much if you end up having problems with your choice.

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I agree with weissman, and it really bugs me that manufacturers try to entice you buy products that you don't need or want because it's the only way to get a discount. Why not just discount the range? I'm experiencing this same problem myself because I already have a new fridge and DW and just need the range, and most manufacturers make you buy two or more appliance before they reduce the price (Viking and Dacor are the exceptions AFAIK). But to get back to the question at hand ... I have a baffle hood and while I love the look of it and it functions well, it sure gets greasy looking in a hurry. I can't imagine waiting a month to throw the baffles in the DW like the manual suggests. I almost wish I had a hood that used the mesh filters because it looks like maybe they'd hide the mess better? I would expect my DW to be replaced before my range hood, so if I had to choose, I'd probably opt for the DW to get the rebate and get the range hood that I really wanted.

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Ah - "the more you spend, the more you save"!

My advice is don't be swayed by the gimmick - buy the appliances that you have decided are the best fit for your needs. You will have to live with them for years, and buyer's remorse is an ugly thing.

If you really insist on getting the rebate, get the dishwasher and sell it immediately on Craig's List or similar. But you'd need to do the math to see if you'd come out ahead doing that, and it's a lot of hassle.

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