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blueheronOctober 29, 2010

We sold our house on the river and I am having a yard sale tomorrow to sell a lot of duplicate household/kitchen items. They are all in excellent condition. I have no idea what to ask for some items. I have $1.00 on a lot of them, like casserole dishes, a lot of turkey and pilgrim collectibles, dishes, garden tools, etc.

My friend had one in the past 6 months and had people offering 5 cents for some items! Has anybody had recent experience with a yard sale recently?

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It depends on your locale and the type of traffic you are expecting. Also, you will find a lot of shoppers stocking up for their own garage sales at your expense.

There is a home on one of the main drags that has a couple of large storage buildings in the yard. About every other month they have a large garage sale.

Back to your question, depends on what you think your things are worth to you and whether you want to take reduced prices.

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Yes, I found that out when I sold clothes (good labels like Talbot's and in excellent condition) for .50 or 1.00 at my sale and saw them a few weeks later at a neighbor's sale for 2 and 3 dollars...lol

I didn't think used clothes, no matter how nice, would sell for much more than what I charged. It seems I was wrong.

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I'm in Ca. outside of L.A. Few years ago I sold clothes at friend's house on a main street out of the Valley, truckers even stopped! I did very well. lady gives me lot of stuff, she is armchair shopper & gets stuff from QVC & any of about 100 catalogs. Last 2 years new sweaters bring $5 at most (sizes sm & med)& lot were reduced to $3. Some were beaded & I took the beads off & cut off all the threads & sent to TS. I do some beading & they are free so that way I don't have to buy beads. Last year was last sale I had(usually have 2-3 a year)people want stuff for 5 & 10 cents like cake pan, mug,plate. They will buy lipsticks for 25cents, eye shadows, pencils for eyes etc if new for up to $1. if she gives me something like that. I end up making most of money on cosmetics. Jerome Alexander stuff & other stuff like that sells for $15-$40 new, I sell for 1 to $5. Lot of it I am allergic to but give mom & DD some & I've got nice stuff. I really like good lipsticks as cheap ones my lips peel off about 5 min. after I put it on(1 of many allergies) Shoes up to $100 new go for maybe $10 on fancy ones & most $3-5. Tennis shoes $5 for the name brands. 1 catch most are 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 so small size for most people. Pants go for 50 cents, stretch, gold lame,& name brand dress & casual. Reason is they are size 4 -8 & most want larger sizes. Dad had stroke so I take care of him part time so don't know if I'll be able to have 1 soon or not. More empty houses & out of work people around so I might be only place people can afford to shop & I have sold shoes for $3 & seen them for $5 week later at a church. If I wanted $5 for them I would have told lady I wasn't going down in price yet. Once I sell something they can do anything they want with it. I like to move stuff out.

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I was pleasantly surprised as how it went. We were sold out by 9:30 and closed up shop. We made about $150 and I'm satisfied. I don't sell anything chipped or cracked or overpriced, so everybody was pleased with his/her purchase.

Now I would like to sell some things on Ebay if I can find someone to do it for me. I have some Hudson Bay blankets and some RS Prussia, McCoy and Wedgwood Queensware. Someone on here sent me a site where they recommend local people to sell on Ebay for you and I contacted a man who seemed very nice and was willing to come and see my stuff. We emailed a few times and all of a sudden the emails stopped. I have no idea what happened but I hope he is ok.

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