36 year old Kenmore Refrigerator-$$ to repair....... or let go :(

ginjjFebruary 7, 2012

I am trying to let go of my 38 year old ColdSpot Kenmore refrigerator. I am finding it hard to do because from the reading I've done and friends I've talked to, the new ones don't compare to the old ones.

I have no need for anything fancy, just want a top freezer, don't need an ice maker or water. I have looked at Kenmore, Whirlpool, Frigidaire and what I like the least is the big shelves on the door. Being so big that means I have to reach in further to put things on the shelves in the refrigerator!

I can't believe it is good for these refrigerator doors to have one or two gallons of milk on them. What are the designers thinking? I want small useable shelves on the door like I have now. The vegetable/fruit bins are a joke- they feel like they are going to crack pulling them out empty!

I don't remember doing any repairs on my Coldspot until last week when I needed a new relay, power cord and overload. With those repairs done it kept tripping the breaker and they found the defrost element needed replacing. Replacing the defrost element would mean another $200; I've already spent $290. If I thought this would be the last repair for a couple of years I'd do it in a heartbeat. They did say the compressor seems fine; but for how long?

I find it sad that so many things being built these days are not near the quality of products built years ago.


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Let it go.

A replacement will not last as long, but you will more than make it up with the electricity savings.

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I am letting a 29 year old basic Frigidaire top freezer go. it works but its butt ugly and has bad door seals... so bad you have to be careful to shut it fully and then its not that good that my cat can't get it open to score a snack. I doubt I can get most parts and I'm not going to try hard for door seals. called one place and was told nope don't bother.

I wanted more features like an ice maker and water. I got a good deal on a kitchen-aid french door with water in side and ice. I got a bigger fridge for less energy use. in five years it will pay me off on power savings in about 5 years maybe less.

check this site out.

Here is a link that might be useful: retirement savings calculator

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I am not convinced your repair was done 100% correctly. Breakers popping after relay/power cord swaps make me question whether it is an introduced fault.

Note: I am not saying that it is impossible that you also need a new heater, just that it seems a bit fishy.

In any case, imho, you have already spent too much money on the old refrigerator, sorry to say. You seem attached, but the point of diminished returns has already been passed. I would see if you could get a refund from the service company for failing to repair and leaving your machine inoperative.

There is nothing to worry about with the milk in the door, the doors can hold the weight okay. And if you object to milk there, just put the pickles in the door instead. It will hold a lot of them.

I would find a new, energy efficient fridge that will suit your needs and bid your old friend a fond adieu.

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I know I need to get rid of it; it's just so comfortable, like an old pair of shoes.

I believe I used a reputable repair service; they have been in our community for 35 years.

I appreciate your advice and I will no doubt follow it as that's what everyone says.


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