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heydeborahJune 9, 2005

Hi everyone! Things seem to be very slow here, and i'm hoping that is for the good of everyone, and we're all busy doing outside things or resting! anyways, this happened 2 nights ago but i couldn't get Al to go to the hospital, even though i though he should have went. he was propped up on pillows in bed and said can you put me up i can't move, also i can't move my right arm at all, plus he looked ill, we all sat with him and watched the news then about an hour later he said i'm really tired now and i'd like to nap (this is the yukky thing he said to me), can you check on me to see if i'm still around in an hour or so! do you think it was a mini stroke, or maybe he was laying down wrong and it affected his muscles, his great doctor (has attittude too!) is on holidays for 3 weeks! and apparently the wait at emerg is pretty bad, just to sit there after this has happened. debbie

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Dear Debbie:
I'm sorry I don't have answers re: if it was a mini stroke. I'm just wondering if his doctor has someone taking call for him? I know things are different in Canada and you've mentioned how few docs there are where you live...I can only go by my experience and when our doctors are away, someone is "on-call" for them. At least it would be better than sitting in the ER for hours on end. Debbie, please know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family... Mimi

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Hi Mimi, thanks for thinking about us, but just having a doctor here is what we call remarkable! No this doctor didn't have anyone take his place, the most sad thing is, not for us is that he specializes in cancer, can you believe that! he just up and took holidays, i just feel bad for other people and families. my doctor (al and i have different ones) is off with cancer, and he didn't have anyone take his place either, however, we can see the doctor on call at this clinic and only if you have a doctor there otherwise you're out of luck! i'm lucky i only get migranes but i do feel so sorry for others that are really ill. well i've sounded out enough! and i think everyones tired of hearing me ramble on! debbie

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Glitter53's Al doing now? I know it's been a few days, but I just came upon your post....maybe you've already answered somewhere else, but I'm concerned....I'm so anxious to meet you in August! We should be arriving in ThunderBay on the 8th from our little trippy thru Michigan.

Let me know, okay? You still have our email address?


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