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heydeborahJune 29, 2005

Well i'm hoping that things are slow here because everyone is having a Good summer so far. i was hoping Gabby would continue her Chit Chat since it was one thing that i enjoyed reading. it was so refreshing to hear all the good things that were happening in our lives. things here have been totally weird weather wise, the other day it was 107 degrees and today it's only 47, good weather to get you sick, al has been going outside if only for a half hour at a time and i get to tend to the plants in the front ramp while i'm outside with him. carley is starting her second day of holidays and is already looking at her classes for next year and is already reading one of her english novels. what a girl. i was very proud of her though on the weekend, she went to a note burning party and called us 2 hours later to come and get her - now. it took me 1/2 an hour to get hr there and i felt like all i was doing was driving, she was sitting on the front steps when al and i got there, and said lets leave now, there was drinking there (drinking age is 19 here and these kids were 16 and 17) very proud of her for that. matthew is going golfing in the states tomorrow just for the day, we are only 45 minutes from the US border. i've spent alot of time just sleeping and puttering in my flower garden and veggie garden, sorry no tomatoes yet, and only 2 migranes in the past while! it's a rainy day so i'm starting a new book (a new mystery by joan hess) enjoy your day, and let's here some really good stuff! debbie

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I LOVE Joan Hess! Just finished one and starting on another. (couldn't live without the library)

Is that 107º Farenheit or Centigrade? I can never remember. We have been getting into the 90s F but the humidity gets the heat index up into the hundreds. I don't do good with sweat!!

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PeasBee - the book is the Goodbye Body - Claire Malloy mystery, it's a new one written in 2005! i own all her books, but this was at one of our libraries last night when we went so i naturally grabbed it up! i've only read the first chapter so far, but if your're like me i won't put it down till i'm finished. also picked up 4 Sara Paretsky's but i have the strange feeling i've read them all, oh well, another excuse to pick up more books! i figure in the city of this size there aren't alot of readers out there when the staff knows you by name!.
the weather is in farenheit. but right now it's warmed up to 52! i'm actually freezing! i too hate the humid weather, it get's me crabbier than usual! well al is napping, carley is also reading, so i better start MY lunch so i can eat in silence and read some more! enjoy your day, you deserve it and remember a hat and sunscreen! deb

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Hey All....sound like good times. I would LOVE to have a good book to read. I struggled thru one in the winter and it was SO boring....do you guys just toss the ones you don't like, or are you compelled to finish it once begun?
I have a hard time quitting, but that really seems stupid..hmmm.
Deb, am so glad you guys got some nicer weather....but 107 sounds HOT! Hope Al tolerates that heat.
You have every right to be proud of your kids...they sound like great kids. I think your daughter truly has her head screwed on right!
Enjoy the days...Derry
PS Stay away from "Reading Lolita in Tehran" and "The Piano Tuner",IMHO. DW

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Hi Derry! it's so great to hear from you too! i hate to admit it but even if it's from the library and i don't have to pay for it, i still finish it! I am a lover of mysteries and 95 per cent of the time that's all i'll read the rest would be i guess self help - like cleaning up clutter - yes i am a pack rat or organization stuff i'm also reading the internet for canadians, do you think there's also a book for americans - what a stupid title, seems like we all understand one another right now, i'm hoping. the heat is bad and we have no air conditioning, just fans, Al tolerates the heat better than all of us. i was going to mention too, that carley is reading sense and sensibility again, her favourite book, she loves the classics! i fixed the tiolet again this afternoon, took it all apart again to put in a new part, but figuered i saved about 250.00, plus no swearing! well it's supposed to storm again tonite, so i better take my fur baby out - he's shivering because of the storm coming, and tuck some of the plants away. enjoy your evening! and i'll stay away from the 2 books you mentioned! deb

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Yessss! Just finished Goodby Body. It was a fun read. Do you think that Joan Hess knows a teen age girl? She has to! We go to the library at least once a week and load up. We enjoy the same kind of book. Neither of us will read a book that we don't find interesting or well writen. Life's too short (and getting shorter) to waste time dragging through a book. That'self-punishment!!!

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Hey (((((((DEBORAH!!!!!!)))))))! It's a little over a month until we meet each other!!! ;-D
So YOU guys got all the rain, eh? Not a DROP here in June! Nothing! Nada! Everything is frying...poor grass...there's a water-usage policy on now (even numbered houses water on even-numbered says, etc), but even watering doesn't help anymore. Pretty soon we'll be a desert! I expect to see cactii growing among my hostas! So hot, so humid..it's been hard to sleep (no, we don't have air conditioning...never needed it so far..the house says quite cool in the summer!)...however we have had two or so days of cooler weather...high 70s, low 80s. Never thought I'd say those are COOLER days! haha!

Your kids sound amazing! I hope I get to meet them, too! Looking forward to meeting you and Al! Did you say Al used to teach?

As for books, only non-fiction, I'm afraid. Reading "Clinton, My Life", and an opposite version of that story by Michael Isikoff: "Uncovering Clinton". (wasn't hard for Monica, I guess..or...maybe it was! Oops!). Other than that, right now I've got 3 rooms to redecorate top to bottom, so that's keeping me (and Ernie!;-) busy. When he's not golfing! hah!

Anyway....take care....SEE YOU SOON!!!


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Linda, i admit i'm scared, what if you think boy, is she ever boring, boy is she is the most ugliest person i've ever seen! but i am really looking forward to meeting you! maybe we can go shopping, and my shopping consists of the sal. army, and yard sales maybe we can get you alot of wood things to paint. but, i do wish we were ALL meeting! this has turned into one great family here. we had rain mostly all weekend and i spent only an hour and a half in emerg. for them to look at my ankle (it pays to be a frequent visitor). i've just put up another one of those nylon sun shades between the garage and house so Al won't fry being out, plus it was more for me so i can deal with the plants in the backyard. for some reason, even living on a lake, we have odd even watering days, i don't water much, save the rain water in huge buckets, because water is so expensive here, average bill is 120.00 every 3 months which is way too much. i went to 2 yard sales and picked up beautiful material and outdoor things and books books and more books. i have to say i do have great kids, they haven't caused me any grief and have always kept busy and they were always allowed to pick if they wanted to play sports or dance the choice was theirs same with books, it makes me sad when i see parents picking out their kids books in the library and not giving them a choice and let them think of their own. al apparently is still employed at the college here and had academic upgrading - people who never got their high school diploma and wanted to take college programmes. as you probably know we have grain elevators here, paper mills and there used to be alot of shipping, but that has changed so most of the people here only have at the most grade 10 if this is where they choose to work. thank goodness al and i chose higher learning, so he has people maybe in their late 50's or early 60's going back to school, so he has math, english and a computer lab (but i learnt everything about the computer from carley!, she even knows more than matthew) matthew is golf crazy right now and enjoyed going to Lutsen for the day, he says it was amazing. on the rainy days i was found in the kitchen re-lining cupboard and drawers, and basically cleaning up the mess in here. the humid rainy weather had al in alot of pain and he hasn't had alot of sleep this past weekend. PeaBee i'm almost finished the book, i do think that Joan Hess knows of a teen that as she said in her other books "talks in capital letters" i know i for one wouldn't put up with her daughter Caron talking to me like that! but since it is a book it is funny. well we are supposed to have another thunderstorm this afternoon so i better do what i can outside before i spend the day inside. Happy 4th of July everyone, and drive carefully! debbie

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