Something good must have happened!

heydeborahJune 20, 2005

Sunday was Father's Day, something good must have happened, it always does, on this day! We got Al out 3 times! it's a record! tell us something nice that happened, we all need it! debbie

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Hey Debbie:
Something nice did happen for me...I finally took a big step forward. I asked my sister to take my mom overnight and she did. She picked mom up Saturday around 4p. My DH and I went out for a very nice dinner and had the evening and most of Sunday to ourselves, something we haven't had in 7 months. My mom did problems whatsover! I have been so concerned about doing this, because her doctor warned me about having her sleep anywhere but home...because of the AD, which can sometimes really set off a bad state of confusion, agitation, sleepless night, etc. None of that happened. I sent along mom's pillow, and her clock radio (that she listens to before going to sleep). I also wrote a two page note to my sister telling her mom's usual schedule, what she needs help with, etc. We couldn't have asked for it to work any better. When we got to my sister's yesterday afternoon, mom was all smiles and asked how our evening was. She never once complained or tried to make me feel guilty...unbelievable...
Now, for the "bad" news...nothing to do with mom...I was playing with one of our dogs Thurs night...he's a beautiful Golden Retriever, almost 2 years old with TONS of energy. He loves to play tug of war with his tug toys and we were playing, as usual....he's very very strong and was tugging away and managed to pull something in my shoulder...I believe it is my rotator cuff...of course, in my right shoulder (I am right handed)'ve been dealing with some really bad pain in my shoulder...I guess there's always the bad with the good, huh?
I'm so glad to hear Al got out 3 has he been feeling? Hope you are doing well, as well as everyone else here...take care, Mimi

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mimi isn't that the way, something good then bad! how is your shoulder doing now? trade you arms, i'm a leftY! i really sliced open my other leg last night have this huge bandage on it, and ofcourse the other one has a tensor bandage on it! i look like a poster child for accidents waiting to happen, just shows that i should have put the gardening stuff away, i'm glad i had a tetnus shot awhile back. how's your mom doing now/ funny how people have to have their pillow, do you think your sister will do it again? sure would be nice! Well it's going to be hot one again today, so i better get going it went up to 94 yesterday1 and see you all though we only got snow! debbie

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Hi Debbie,
My shoulder is actually feeling a bit better, thank goodness...I just don't have time for Sounds like you've been doing a good job on yourself (legs)...please be careful!!!
Mom is still ok, doesn't seem to be any repercussions from the sleepover...I'm so glad. My sister said she'll definitely do it again...thank God for her. I have two sisters, but one is of no use whatsoever...and she is an sad, huh? She sees my mom two Sunday afternoons a month. But you know about relatives. I can't believe Al's on earth can anyone treat their children that way...or should I say ignore them? You know, Debbie, as much as it must hurt Al and you, she is the one that is missing out. At least, that is what I tell myself about my sister. I feel that one day, she will be the one that will be regretting all the time she could have been with mom. Besides, not much we can do about it, is there?
Wow, 94 degrees!!! Sounds like Chicago...seems like we only have two seasons here...winter and summer...goes from cold straight into the high 80's and 90's...can't seem to win...but I'll take the summer any time over winter...maybe because we only get a few months of warm weather.
How is Al feeling? I sure hope he's doing better.
Take good care of yourself Debbie and enjoy the warm...I'm getting back to work well, Mimi

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