why do they call it a "pony" wall?

OlychickFebruary 26, 2013

figured someone here would know. It could be a half wall or short wall, etc. but why pony?

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Because it's half height, like a pony is to a horse.

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My interpretation? it's the height of a hitching post where you tie up your horse (or pony) :)

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Ah, both plausible and I'd have not thought of either. Thanks.

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I thought it was similar to a dutch door where the top opens like a window but the bottom can be shiut to keep the livestock and the ponies out :)

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My understanding is it's an old english reference. Horses used to be kept away from the main house in the stable, but I think it was around the Victorian era when ponies became cute little pets to be kept closer to the house.

A "pony wall" is a half-height wall, a wall just high enough to keep a pony outside of the formal gardens. Low enough to preserve the view through the gardens, but high enough to keep the "pets" out.

True? False? I have no clue.

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I don't know if beer should be used as a comparison, but my husband said when he was younger that a regular beer was 12 oz and a pony beer was half as much - 6 oz..

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Also, kegs of beer...and pony kegs (1/2 of a keg).

Mmmm. Beer. Thanks for the reminder!

My wife isn't half my height (6'4 versus 5'1). But she is half my weight. I sort of have a pony wife!! Rut row...

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Rut row is right, Mongoct! DH teased our first 2 children when #3 was on the way. He kept saying he wanted a pony. They were 2yo and 4yo. and probably a bit confused.

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