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wandaredheadOctober 8, 2009

I acquired this stereoscope years ago in Rome, Italy.

I have tried from time to time to get an idea of the value...just my own interest...not for sale.

I have checked several sources, including eBay, but have not found one as complete as this set.

What do y'all think it may be worth?

Box with steroscope and cards. Other than the closure being gone, the outside is in near perfect condition.

Outside corner of box.

Inside has a sweet pink fabric on the lid and a pink paper on the bottom.

The only issue with the inside is this small hole where the steroscope has rubbed over the last 100 or so years.

Patent date.

Complete set of 100 cards, numbered, all in near perfect condition.

The photos are of scenes/people in Europe.

The cards read "Excelsire Stereoscopic Tours Hollingreave Road, Burnley. M. E. Wright Publisher Copyrighted by M. R. Wright."

There is also a couple of steroscope photo postcards.

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This photo is #9 in the set of 100.

"Gun Carriage and Coffin with Royal Mourners."

Here is a link that might be useful: Queen Victoria

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They are "worth" just what you can sell them for...less now than when the economy was better and likely more in the future.
Search ebay for completed sales of such items.
Linda C

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The view cards may be worth more than the viewer if scenes of historic interest are recorded. For example, my family also has a steroscope that was sold through a catalog by Sears Roebuck & Co. It dates to about 1905. We have card no.1 - Mr. Sears at his desk! And what a messy desk it was with an old time telephone. His office looked like a back room in a dry goods store. We do not have a complete set which would be extensive. Some of our cards are numbered in the 1700s. We have a few cards with scenes of the Klondike gold rush. These cards may or may not have a high market value, but they have value to me and therefore are not for sale. One special card is a stero view of the moon made by Mr. Rutherford himself. It explains on the back of the card how the shot was made.

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Thanks for your input.
I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear.
I, personally, have never found a set anywhere closely similar to mine...eBay, museums, antique stores, etc.
I was in hopes that maybe some of you guys may have as you are so knowledgeable in the area of antiques.

How neat!!
I know exactly what you mean about not being for sale.
There are some other historic cards of The Royal Family, their weddings, coronations, etc.
I was able able to find the one linked above but unable to find any others.

Again, thanks to you both for your input.

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I have seen several steroscopes, but yours is the first one I've seen with the wood box for storing it. That's a keeper!

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