After 40 Years

mxyplxJune 9, 2014

40 years have passed, average age 81, and she is in love with another man. That man is ............ me!

"What about your husband?" "He's not here." "Do you remember him?" "Maybe if I saw him." "Look at me, I'm your husband." "Not quite."


The night we met she couldn't keep her eyes off nor her fingers out of my dark curly hair. At night she'd cuddle up and tangle my hair in her fingers and go to sleep. Almost daily she says she just loves my hair. Well it's still all there but it's white and rather straight. Can't imagine what happened to the curl. We clinch up several times a day.

So it would seem I have won that woman's love in 2 worlds; the real one and the shimmering mirage in which she now resides.

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You are a special person, that's why :-)

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CA Kate

Lucky you! The two great loves of your life!

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My husband had AZ and he did not know who I was, but he knew he loved me and I loved him. When someone asked what my name was he would reply "I don't know I just call her My Lady". His eyes would tear up when I walked into his room.

Mxypix, wanted to comment on your hair. The last time I saw my son his hair was cut very short. When I asked why he said, "I don't like the curls". I told him the girls would love to run their fingers through those curls. My boys had hair that was full and wavy like their grandfather who never lost any as he aged.

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Best thread in the world.

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Yes it is Janelle, very nice.

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I cared for an elderly couple for six years. Mr. passed away first..a wonderful man. They were married 56 years. She had a stroke so need full assistance
when he walked into the room he would bend over to pat her leg and say,
"How ya doin' darling''?" Would make me tear up every time. At his wake i told the story to their children, did the tears flow! She was a handful and he loved her.
One afternoon after his passing Mrs. and I were going through old photos and came upon a picture of him young and proud in his Air Force uniform she held it up to me and said, "Isn't he the most handsome man you ever saw?"

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