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edwenaJune 27, 2006

My Mom is 92, lives in an independent living facility and spends a "lot" of time in the bathroom. When she is in the bathroom she can't hear the telephone ring, even if the bathroom door is open. Her telephone has an enhanced ring for hearing impaired. I always worry when I can't get hold of her for hours and have driven over to check on her many times.

I am looking for a flashing light telephone signaler. I need one that has two separate parts. The first part attaches to the telephone line in the bedroom and wirelessly signals the second part (through the wall and a closed door) in the bathroom whenever the telephone rings. When the second part receives the signal, a light flashes so that my Mom knows that someone is trying to call her. The second part plugs into an outlet and causes a light to flash when the telephone rings. There may be models with strobe lights that won't hurt the eyes.

I have found one part systems but not two part systems.

Does anyone use one of these and how efective are they?

Thanks and my Mom thanks you also.


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There are systems for the hearing impaired that do this. My son had one set up for his deaf wife. I don't know exactly how it worked, but the light would blink in any room in the house. Perhaps the telephone company in your area would be able to supply you with a source.

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Did you ask at Radio Shack?

And here is the list of equipment available thru the CTAP program. ANything here help?

Here is a link that might be useful: CTAP equipment

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I found a transmitter and separate receiver on the CTAP site and ordered these two items from a supplier. Looks like what I was after. The receiver has the option of a strobe or a flashing light. Thanks for the tip - glad to get this done.


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Glad I could help! Three years ago, I used the CTAP to get Mother a phone that she could hear, and I recalled that the website had lots of other gizmos and gadgets.

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