Retile first vs Frameless shower door

mudgodFebruary 1, 2012

I recently moved into a new place.

The bathroom has a knee wall shower that needs a shower enclosure (I'm thinking frame less). I don't like the tile and want to change that but I think a higher priority is putting up the shower doors to make it functional.

My question was if I put up a frame-less shower door first , how hard/badwould it be to take it off when I get to re-tiling. Chances of damage etc

Ideally I would like to put the shower door in, later (next year) re-tile and change the sink etc.

But if that's a bad idea plan B would be putting a shower rod and curtain for now

Any ideas/suggestions etc?

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Since I am having sticker shock over a bathroom renovation, and seeing how yours is in good shape, if I were you, I'd live with that bathroom a l-o-n-g time before throwing a lot of money at it. Paint the walls, put up shower glass, new light fixture and mirror, new towels and call it done. Just my two cents. . .that's all I'll have left when mine is all over. Good luck.

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A glass company that does shower installs will remove and reinstall a shower after the tile work is redone for a fee. However the thing to remember with doing that is everything must go back in the exact same locations, same type of material and the same thickness dimensionally for the shower to be reinstalled and function properly and appear correct.

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Do it once and all at once - installing and then removing/reinstalling a custom frameless glass shower enclosure is a recipe for disaster, and I'd be willing to bet the cost of the removal/reinstalling would probably pay for the labor of the tile job.

In the end you won't be saving any money.

If you're desperate for something temporary to use the shower while you save up the money for a proper shower tile / enclosure job, get a shower curtain up there. You can get all manner of shaped shower curtain rods that will turn the corner etc. and an inexpensive curtain - not a vinyl thing that you will curse - you can get nice woven nylon fabric curtains for $20.

Spending $150 now on a shower curtain setup to allow yourself the time to save the $1000's you'll spend on tile/glass may make sense. Spending $100's later to remove and reinstall the glass enclosure which likely won't fit when it comes to do it, will frustrate your tile installer who has to think about making the new tile job fit the existing enclosure (and likely cost more in labor as a result) etc. doesn't make sense.

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What TorotoTim said.

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I agree with the advice above.

My question is, how the heck did they not keep water from going everywhere before you moved in? Was their a shower curtain or something?

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Fori is not pleased

I'd take that bathroom to the home decorating forum and pretty it up while waiting for a real remodel. YOu can do a lot with it since it's neutral and clean.

That seems like a weird setup for a curtain, but it certainly has to have one.

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@TorontoTim: Thanks a bunch, that's what I was worried about :\
All the L shaped shower rods that I saw were meant to be screwed in at the ends (through the tile) and the mid screwed into the ceiling. I was wondering if you'd seen any that were tensioned or ceiling only (preventing the need from screwing into the tile)

@xandr83 / Fori: It was an older couple that built the place but later decided to move to FL. Doubt they ever used that bathroom (downstairs) / sold it before completing it

@lizb_1772: Will probably wind up doing that with the rod instead

Thanks a bunch everyone :)

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I also agree that you should do your bathroom improvement by installing frameless shower doors at the same time that you change the tiles. But before going into the whole process, I suggest you plan the project carefully not to waste time and money. Make sure all dimensions fit. Also, if you are determined to do this project, do not just focus on the floor and your frameless shower door. You can also improve the ceiling or the walls. Do not rush and it should be fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dreamline Frameless Shower Doors

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