Trying to find the deepest cast iron bathtub for a 60" alcove.

nowwhatnapsterFebruary 3, 2013

I have searched and searched to find the deepest (water level) cast iron bathtub that will fit in a 60" alcove (walls on three sides).

The best I could find is the Kholer Tea-for-Two which is actually a drop in tub, but you can install a vinyl tile flange on it for alcove install. It has a capacity of 60 gallons and 13-5/8" water depth.

Please don't suggest acrylic, steel or other material tubs. I'm very set in spending my money on a cast iron tub which will outlive me.

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You won't consider Americast, the American Standard cast version tub?

Too bad b/c our American Standard Cambridge 60" alcove tub has lumbar support and head rest areas and measures 5 ft x 32 in. x 17 in. It's certainly more affordable than cast iron and while it is a respectable 14 in. depth to overflow, the water goes all the way to about 16 1/2 inches deep, with the A. Standard Deep Soak drain.

We put it in our renovated bathroom with white subway tile in arctic white and found it to be a wonderful tub.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: American Standard Cambridge

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I have the Kohler Parity drop-in. Our last tub was an acrylic Jacuzzi brand that I hated from the moment it was installed. I climbed into the Parity at a wholesale showroom and new it was the one. It keeps the water warm for approximately 45-60 minutes.

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what about the Toto 1525?

Here is a link that might be useful: tub

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Seriously consider the Kohler Memoirs. It's very pretty and fits in that space, and has nice little details as well.

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@akcorcoran, I have explored all types of tubs and decided that cast iron is the one I want to spend my money on. It will last a several generations if no one drops a brick in it. Americast takes second place in durability, I hear they will rust out around the drains over time. Any type of plastic or fiberglass tub is last place in my opinion. I will be very content spending $1500 on something that will last forever.

@motherof3sons, The parity is a nice tub, but unfortunately it is 66" long and I only have 60" to work with.

@sloyd, The toto 1525 is not as deep as the tea-for-two. If you look at the specifications of the toto it list the total height as 16-1/4" That is everything from the bottom of the feet to the top of the tile flange. The actual water depth is considerably lower than that. Unfortunately they do not list what the water depth is. (I wonder why =p) So if we are just comparing total height then the tea-for-two is 2-1/2" taller.

@phylhl, I have seriously considered the memoirs, but again it is not a deep as the tea-for-two. It is definitely a wider tub which is something to consider if you are a wider person. I did locate a showroom and try the memoirs out. I may revisit it before I make my final decision. By the way you have a very nice bathroom!

So it seems the tea-for-two is still the deepest. Anyone else have any input? I still have some time before I have to make a decision. Gutting the bathroom starts next week.

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If anyone cares, I contacted Kohler and asked if they would make a custom cast iron tub. They will make custom cast iron tubs but there is a 50 unit minimum.

I just need to find 49 people that want modified super deep tea-for-two with an apron and integral tile flange for a 60"x32" alcove.

Any takers? =p

So I guess I'll settle for the K-850-0 Tea-for-two and just have to tile up the side where the apron should be. And stick on that vinyl tile-in bead and hope it holds up like an integral flange.

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I had no idea Kohler would make custom-shaped tubs even in lots of 50 or more. I'm trying to think what size, shape, and features I'd want in my tub if I could design it. (there are a few people I've seen who fashioned custom tubs out of tile).

I just tried out the 5'6" version of the Kohler tea for two at Ferguson and liked it, though it seemed a stretch to call it a two-person tub, and it's 24" high as well as a half foot longer than the 5' version. The angled front and built-in overflow drain do allow you to lean back on either side, but in a typical 5' alcove tub installation, the tub spout would stab you in the neck, back, or head. Still, the shape does optimize the available space in a 5' tub. Let us know how you like it. Not "settling" - it's a very nice tub, and shoud be durable if installed carefully.

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I can be your #2 of 50, if the tub will cost $400 or less!

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Lee676, you mention spout stabbing one in the back. Is the Tea for Two designed to have the spout mounted mid tub side?

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Doesn't seem to be specifically designed for a side fill, although you could use one. Other options are Kohler's Souris tub spout mounted high enough on the front wall to be above head level, which protrudes less than a standard tub spout, visually complements the tea-for-two overflow drain, and delivers a nice waterfall effect:

or their laminar flow filler, which can be placed in the ceiling as well as on a wall, and will clear the head of the drain-side bather.

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Thanks for the pics Lee676. I've seen a pic of a ceiling filler once and thought it looked inefficient, as the water would loose heat as it was traveling down to the tub.

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The same tub filler can be used in the ceiling as such:

Not sure there's much of a temperature drop in the short time the water takes to fall - how much warmer is the water near a showerhead compared to the same water after it's nearly fallen to the shower floor? And I'd expect a solid stream of water to be even less affected.

I'm not sure whether I'd place the filler so it drops the water over a likely open unused area or position it to land on one bather's head or something; laminar flow doesn't splash much. But if falls directly into the water, would it be noisy falling from the ceiling compared to just 12" above the water from a typical tub-filler spout?

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Well Lee, I had considered the same thing about shower vs ceiling filler. But my thinking is that I am closer to the shower output, like 6-12" compared to the 6-7 feet of drop into the tub. But I really don't know. I use this same (assumed) principle when I fill my french press coffee pot in the morning when the water is too close to the boiling point. Thinking it will cool off before it hits the grounds, I hold the kettle about a foot or so above the press :) Risky, I know.

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My big concern with tub spouts like the Kohler Souris remains the criticality of installing it at the just-right height.

In order for it to work as shown, yielding a feeling of sitting under a waterfall, you'll not only need a tub with sloped backrests on both sides (such as the T42) but also must place the tub filler at exactly the right height so the water lands just where you want it to on your hair. And that will vary some depending on both what tub you're using (its depth and the distance from the start of the basin to the wall) and the maximum water pressure allowed by your home plumbing and your choice of tub/shower valve (check the GPM rating for the outlet going to the tub spout). I don't think the installation instructions clearly spell out how far the water is spread from the wall at various heights.

Where are the temperature and volume controls in this picture? It looks like they could go *underneath* the tub filler - wonder if that's acceptable. Placing them above the spout would make them difficult to reach from the tub unless standing up. Or they could go on the side wall, or side ledge of some tubs.

Still worth the effort IMO. I love waterfalls.....

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Thank you for everyone who participated in this discussion! I've been looking for the answer to this question for months and just found this. Now to find a tea for two tub! And possibly look for the memoirs to try out. Comfort counts a bit.

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Good luck LinnieLu.

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As I mentioned, the local Ferguson showroom (and they're national in the US) had a Tea for Two in their showroom, although the 5-1/2' model locally. Maybe some of them have the five-footer. I'd like impressions of this tub as well.

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If you find what you are looking for, let me know. I am looking for the same exact thing!

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I am in the same boat - I want a deep cast iron tub that is 60" by 30-33"... the Tea for Two looks good, but I am not sure about the drop in part of it - we have a small bathroom and this will go in an alcove.

Does anyone have photos of a drop in used in an alcove?

We would like to choose a Kohler cast iron tub if possible. Right now the contractor has us down for the Bellwether... the water depth (11-5/16") is more than the Memoirs (10-7/8") though it is less tall, interesting... but really, neither is super deep.

We have a small 1920's house, am looking to make the remodel look somewhat original.

Any/all thoughts appreciated, we are meeting with the contractor on Thursday.

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@Mabies I'm researching for a bathroom remodel and just read Chezerbey's November 12, 2012 blog post "Bathroom follow up." They put a tea-for-two in an alcove. I really like the look, especially the addition of the long-side pony wall to create a ledge and some extra showering elbow room.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chezerbey's bathroom with Kohler Tea-for-Two

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Me, too, me, too. The Tea for Two is the closest I've found yet.

I actually like the idea of a drop in. My house is late 40s but I'm trying to bring in some of the charm from the 20s lost (but not completely in my house) after the war.

Looking at period A&C stuff, plenty of what I I see from that era was built in. Not sure if the tubs were built like today's drop ins but they were framed in, many finished with tile. I like the look. Matched with hex floor tiles ...

On the other hand, I was reading a book on A&C plans yesterday and the author commented "Craftsman stopped at the bathroom door", e.g., painted rather than stained wood on trim and cabinets. But I guess A&C wasn't completely defined by Gustav Stickley.

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