Vintage lamp "made in Italy" any thoughts on maker or timeframe?

gretchenfOctober 19, 2012

I purchased this lamp outside Albany NY. It is made of cast brass, hand-forged wrought-iron, faceted crystal, and has an 18" diam marble table in the center. It is absolutely enchanting but the only clue I have to its origin are a stamp on the wooden base "made in italy". Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to find some clues?? thanks!

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I would put it about 1970's when those lamps with the built in tables were popular.
Are you SURE the iron is hand forged and the crystals faceted?
Is there any marking on the electrical fixtures where the bulbs go? What sort of bulbs does it take?
Linda C

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Thanks very much for your response. Upon examining the light fixture, it is marked "Levitan 250 watt" The socket itself does appear to be a new edition, but I am very uncertain...

I am not sure it is hand forged, it just appears that way. I am certain of the materials, however. The crystal segments were coated in red film... they appear to be faceted, but could the be cast somehow?

Your guidance and input is greatly apprecited, thank you.


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The red crystals are "flashed" that is coated with a sort of paint film....and I really don't think that iron is "hand wrought".
The crystals most likely are molded glass.....they don't appear to be cut...or faceted.
A 250 watt light bulb indicated a fairly new origine.

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