I need help identifying this wood carved toy

litli_skiturOctober 13, 2010

I was told this may come from the Black Forest region, but I have no idea. This is a hand carved animated toy. When you push the button on the side the dog bites the man in the behind. Can anyone tell me anything about this piece?


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Awesome toy. Good luck finding out about it!

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I think it is called a "penny toy" came from Germany. Many unsigned but some have Kellermann, Meier, Fischer, or Distler. From around early to late 1800's-1920's but could be repo so then not worth much. Will look in my 2 other books. If real worth over $100.

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Not a penny toy as they were tin,& not more than 5 in tall. reread it-sorry, it looks more like a bank, does it have a slot for money anywhere? Otherwise I don't have any listing for animated toys or wooden. Does look German tho. Might try Googling"German antique animated wooden toys" & see if you get anything.

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Yes I thought German as well. I saw some similar but all that was said about them is that they came from the Black Forest region. No, there is no slot for money.

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