How old is it?

idie2liveOctober 4, 2009

Some years ago a friend gave me a sofa that I think is 'Duncan Phyfe style'. Then, earlier this year I happened across a table that seems to match it. Could you tell me a little about them and how old they might be?

TIA, Loretta

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Duncan Phyfe style has been made since mid 18th century....and reproduced ever since.
I suspect the sofa is late victorian...ab out 1890 to maybe 1910...more perhaps a few years later.
But that table appears to be made from one single board on that leaf...coule that be? Or is it just artful veneer?
Where did the table come from? And how about a close up of the end of a leaf and a picture of the whole top...
And you are right Duncan Phyfe style.
Linda C

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Linda, I took more pics. There is a closeup of the edge. I think it is veneer.Also there is a partial label underneath. It says "JB Sciver, NJ"
I googled the name but have not find very much info yet.
The sofa was free, the table was purchased at an antique mall for $150.00. It is in good shape with a few scratches and dings. The PO said it had been refinished to the lighter color at some point. The leaf was not refinished and is the darker color.

A pic of the top

the edge of the leaf


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Very nice....but as I suspected, artful veneer.

Well worth what you paid....needs a little gentle restoring.

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