Pottery ID please...better pictures

javaandjazzOctober 3, 2010

Ok, we know it's not McCoy so does anyone have a clue who made this? There is a shield mark on the bottom with something in the center of it...I tried to get it with the camera in the right light. Thanks!

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I see no mark....it appears to be stone ware not pottery.

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There is a mark and it's not stoneware, the camera can't pick up the mark, you have to hold it in the right light to see it.

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Well, if the camera can't pick up the mark, and no-one else but you can see it, how can anyone offer opinions on the maker? Could you draw/trace the marking? Shade in the lines on the bottom of the vase and then photograph them?

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I can see the outline shield mark on the pic on right. There is somehting inside it but I can't make it out. I gotta stop buying things that I can't figure out..LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: another pic

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No, it's earthenware, not stoneware. I see what you are referring to as a shield but it doesn't throw up any flags for me. Sorry

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Go to the local stationary store and get a wax pencil, they are much softer and tackier then a crayola. use the wax pencil to fill in the lines of the shield (that is definitely outlined in the glare) and what ever is marked inside it.

Then try different light settings on your camera (Back light, night setting, and I had a snow setting work really good on one piece). you may be able to see the markings better or get a better picture of the markings.

The wax pencil will wash off with any good grease cutter. While you are at the store get a grease pencil too. if one don't work the other will. l.marie

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