what would you think of Marmoleum in the master bath?

lstandsFebruary 1, 2012

Hello all.. We are embarking on a bathroom remodel and must pick some finishes. I'll be back with lots of questions no doubt, but for now can we start with the floor? We have Marmoleum in our laundry room and I love it. It is always the right temperature on bare feet, never too cold or warm, super easy to clean and care for as well. So, would it be less than appropriate in a master bath? If it helps you to answer : We'll have a commode behind a pocket door, an old buffet converted to a double vanity, seperate shower and tub, a gas fireplace by the tub, (it's already there) and...a big, huge rough cedar timber we found behind a soffit that runs the length of the bathroom. We are going to expose it..why not? Please share your thoughts.

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That's what I'm going with in our master bath. And our kitchen and entry and powder room. IF I can find a local installer, that is.

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Can you just go to the forbo website? Thats how I found ours. So what do you think? Are you and I the only marmoleum followers on this site? What other finishes will you use in your bathroom?

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What are your concerns exactly? You ask if it would "be less than appropriate", but what do you mean? Are you concerned about re-sale? Durability? Whether it goes with the other elements you've selected?

You might check the kitchen forum as well. There are numerous Marmoleum lovers over there (for the same reasons: warmth, softness compared to tile, easy care, etc).

Several homes I've lived in had sheet vinyl flooring and it worked very well. My parents still have the same sheet vinyl from the early 1980s in two of their bathrooms and it has held up well. (And it's actually not bad looking: gray with a subtle pattern.) As I understand, Marmoleum is very good quality, so I imagine it would hold up very well too. If you like the look in your laundry room and are happy with the product and how it looks with the other elements you've selected, then go for it.

Personally, I like tile: the look, the durability, the feel, etc. I am planning to install under floor heating beneath tile in my master bathroom and kitchen to solve the cold feet issue. I have new tile in my entry, main bathroom, laundry room, and powder room without any under floor heating. While I look it and don't mind the coldness during the day, any usage of the bathrooms late at night in the winter (when we have the temperature turned way down) is unpleasant for me with bare feet. I say this not to tell you Marmoleum is a bad idea, but just to offer another option for your consideration if warmth is the main concern.

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I'd read the warranty information on Marmoleum and decide from that, how well it will stand up to substantial water leakage. That's really the only issue in wet environments.

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Fori is not pleased

I'd do it. In fact, I might.

I don't get standing water in my bathroom. I DID get standing water in my kitchen at times and the Marmoleum did just fine. I would do sheet and not click, even so.

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We are building a new house and we put Marmoleum in the laundry room and all the bathrooms. Obviously, I have no problem putting it in the master bathroom, but I haven't lived with it as our house is not quite finished.

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Spud: The Forbo site has one out of business place as dealers in my area. However, I did find one today AND found a company, Johnsonite, that sells some rubber floor tiles that I'm now considering. They're actually pretty neat looking with several different patterns and tons of colors. I sent for a bunch of samples today. I'm now reconsidering the bathroom floor pending what the samples look and feel like. Our MB is not a formal look, though. Whitewashed knotty pine and Cole and Son 'Woods' wallpaper.

Here is a link that might be useful: rubber tiles that I like

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I had it in my old master bath, and loved it. Somehow it felt cozy and warm. The room was small, and I was on a budget, so I got brave and laid the floor myself, using a bargain-priced remnant. I miss it now that I've moved.

As far as the look, I imagine it would look great with an old, exposed beam - sort of vintage-y.

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We have it in our downstairs bath, and I'd do it again in a minute. It is so comfy.

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Sophie Wheeler

If you do it, do it because you love it and will live with it for a good while. People will confuse it with vinyl at resale and you'll lose points there if that is a consideration for the immediate future. However, you can always enjoy it while you are there and then put in an inexpensive tile when it comes time to sell.

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We are putting it in our master bath. Marmoleum Moraine, paired with white subway wall tile in the shower and marble vanity top & shower floor. It's going to look great and feel good underfoot. I've had it in our other bath for 4 years now and installed it in our kitchen several years ago. I love it and ignore the naysayers. It's easy enough to take out and replace if someone else down the line doesn't like it.

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Spudish -- I am on team Lino Love for all the reasons you mentioned.

We did Armstrong's sheet lino (check under their commercial lines) in the kitchen in '03 and Forbo sheet in the main bathroom in '08. No regrets at all!

The concerns about people thinking lino is vinyl is worth considering if resale is a concern. Personally I hoped the "eco" thing would mitigate that but was willing to take the risk.

Your bath sounds like it's going to be an interesting mix and lino is so good at fitting in with many moods. Good luck and keep us posted!

ps I always recommend people check with commercial flooring places because one can save quite a bit on material by using remnants from large jobs -- a plus when going with pro installers as we did!

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I second the "sheet, not click" comment. I had click panels in my kitchen and they didn't hold up well at all. My neighbors have the sheet in their main entry and it's holding up great in a very wet climate.

It's a great product though, very soft underfoot, warm feeling and so many fun colors!

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We put Marmoleum in our kitcen about ten years ago. Our dishwasher overflowed and damaged it pretty badly. The Marmo tiles buckled from the flood. Alto it's supposedly guaranteed, it is not for water damage. I personally wouldn't use in a bathroom. Just my experience.

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Definitely don't recommend marmoleum in a masterbath, especially if you have a walk in shower. My biggest regret is that we used marmleum tiles in our beautiful bathroom reno! Every time I'm in there I hate seeing the water damage by the walk-in shower and, had our interior decorator advised us of the risks, we would NEVER have approved this material. Our reno is 3 years old and the tiles by the shower show staining along the seams that is worsening with time.

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arundelite - Are those click tiles or glue down tiles? They do not look like my glue down tiles.

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I chose against it in our MB as I read somewhere on the forbo site that it is suggested for really wet areas. We did put it in a powder room, however.

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I'm sorry to see that, arundelite. I'm pretty certain that the click tiles are not recommended for bathroom use. You might want to find that on the forbo website and point it out to your designer - at least she might quit steering others in a bad direction.

We used sheet marmoleum in a heavily used bathroom, and had no problems. The only seam was behind the toilet, and it held up fine.

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