need help on products for narrow master bathroom

M_N_AFebruary 18, 2013

We have a very narrow master bathroom (6'9" x 10") and we want both shower and tub.
the room will be entered from the short edge, with double sink on one side and toilet on the other
at the other end, we want to fit in a good size shower and a tub

For tub, we found neptune wind, which looks nice and saves space. for the shower, we are thinking of custom built or looking for product that would fit

our questions are
1. what is the code clearance for tub, especially on such a curvy one
2. is there similar tub with less cost? In fact, any corner tub narrower than 40 in might be fine
3. If we try to put in regular alcove bathtub, as our space only has 2 walls for the tub, can we build a short wall to form an alcove? how high does it need to be?
4. what is the code clearance for shower? especially if its neo angle or round?

we are in the San Francisco bay area

thanks in advance

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If you haven't seen it, this link over at houzz discusses the wind tub in the most detail that I've been able to find, and this bathroom is even smaller than yours.

Eclectic Bathroom design by Other Metro Interior Designer In Detail Interiors

Here is a link that might be useful: wind in small condo bath

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thanks. this link was actually one of a few that lead to the discovery of Neptune wind.

Our issue is we want to fit a separate shower on the upper left corner so we are searching for the code clearance requirement to max the shower space.

Also if there is other option for the wind (which is about 1.5k) will be nice too!

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You may find my remodel helpful because I was dealing with similar spacing issues.

Here is a link that might be useful: My remodel

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thanks sharing your remodel kevin! wow, a beautiful bathroom in a 1826 house! amazing.

is your bathroom around 9x12?

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Mine is 93" x 156", so yes.

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