Need help with blue transferware plate :)

justlindaOctober 5, 2013

Picked this up at a garage sale. 10" Dinner plate. Delicate blue transferware. Backstamped "Ravenna W.B.". Googled just about every combination to no avail. Does it look familiar to anyone?

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Close up look at front.

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Backstamp on back center of plate.

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I did some fiddling with google. The blue looks brighter (fresher) than some pics of other pieces I found. Other pieces appear more grayish. If authentic, it appears that it's English, the mark of William Brownfield and the pattern is Ravenna.

Here are pics of two platters from an auction.

Here is some info on the W.B. mark, used mid 19th century?
Here is the original page where I found that mark.
Scroll down about halfway here for a pic of another piece which includes a pic of the mark.

Some Brownfield ebay hits that came up (just not the Ravenna pattern).

An old auction with no pic but a description of the pattern (oak leaf and acorn border).

Now I'm coming up with dead ends. I'm kind of intrigued at the lack of any other pieces out there so might keep searching. Don't you just love a nice garage sale score? :)

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Ok, don't hate me but I'm wondering which of the pieces are genuine or possible repros. I'm squinting at the various photos (yours and those I linked to) and it appears there are variations in all of them: tree tops, ornamentation on the urn, and the building in the background. Do you see that as well?

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Thanks for all the info you provided. My plate is almost a greyish/blue, very light, finish is very crazed and that brown staining is under the glaze. I'm hoping that maybe some baking soda paste might lighten the browning...have to check that.

But you're correct, my urn does not have a handle, and the mountains in the background are graduated. Darn it, now to find other examples of the Ravenna pattern.

I noticed also that they talk about the initials being within a knot like the example they show.

I wonder why there aren't more examples, or an index somewhere.

At any rate, thanks loads - you've put more fodder in my lunch bucket! lol

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About the initials in a knot, here's what I found while cruising the 'net:
"The Staffordshire Knot
....... you will see the twist of the rope into the shape of a Staffordshire knot. This stems from around 1850, as does the British diamond shaped kite registration mark. However, there was a fad for the Staffordshire knot mark in the later part of the 19th century. So see a Staffy knot and think late Victorian, generally speaking. "

So if my plate dated ca. 1850 it could have been done before the knot came into vogue.

Okay now off to investigate more thoroughly. lol

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Yozza....ouch! Here's a brown transferware one on Ebay (UK), mind you it sounds like many, many issues/chips, etc.....but.....$1.64!

But the pattern is exactly like my blue one.

moonshadow, you've unleased the devil in me, lol.

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