Any thoughts on the Demeyere John Pawson cookware?

jscevaFebruary 8, 2012

Anybody have real world experience with these? Love them? Hate them? Indifferent? In particular, anybody have any thoughts regarding them v. the Atlantis pots/pans?

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No thoughts on Pawson but I purchased an Atlantis 6 qt to see what the fuss was all about. Zabar's has best price on that. I have a radiant smoothtop so flat bottoms and good conductivity are essential.

My standard has always been heavy French copper, which works well on the smoothie but doesn't go into the DW. The Atlantis cooks nearly as well, goes into the DW and whether washed there or by hand, cleans up perfectly. The heat across the bottom is very even. My Superbowl chili achieved a perfect simmer -- which is saying something on a smoothtop.

I've owned Sitram, All Clad, Cusinart, Le Creuset and vintage Farberware. After the copper I find the Atlantis the best for cooking.

However, the conductivity does not go up the sides -- they have a new line called Industry5, just introduced that is fully conductive all the way up. Sur La Table just sent an email around and there's an introductory $139 price for a 3 qt saute pan, one week only with free shipping.

I'd be very tempted to give that a try if I didn't have more than I needed.

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Hooked - going to order one!
Hope DH isn't around when it arrives!!
Thanks for the heads up.

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I don't really like the looks of the John Pawson designs. Demeyere curved sided cookware have the aluminum clad up the sides, only their straight sided pots are encapsulated disc bottoms with stainless sides.

I read that the Viking ware was made by Demeyere, and I think it was clad up the sides.. I didn't know about "Industry 5".

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Can't comment on the John Pawson line either, but I do own a few Atlantis pieces, and both share the same "insides", the differences are aesthetics only (outside polish, handles).

I have an induction range, and they cook so evenly (because yes, even on induction it makes a difference). The copper inside the disc-bottom pots holds up heat, things don't stick on the bottom either. I also have a clad piece (fry pan), which is a charm to use. The only things that compete with my Demeyere are my Staub cast iron, which I prefer for stovetop to oven recipes.

That new line looks pretty nice as well (no copper though), I'm lucky for my budget that Sur La Table does not ship to Canada!

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Viking sent me a small skillet at one point. No idea who makes it but it needs to go to recycling. The bottom bows and it spins on the smoothie, like the All Clad did.

I though Atlantis had a solid core aluminum bottom but they have a few lines. For induction expect Staub would be great.

a2gemini -- love to know what you think when you get it. I was so tempted but my vintage Cuisinart pan is the same size.

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I LOVE the look of the John Pawson. It's gorgeous. Have you had a chance to handle it? I found the skillet even more off balance than the standard Demeyere. Demeyere seem to not care about balance, but it means you need a strong wrist. The pots have very rectilinear sides. This should be great on induction, but it's just too straight for me. The Atlantis are the same. I try to imagine cooking in them and it doesn't feel comfortable. The Atlantis casserole/dutch oven is listed as having Tripinduct, which is their three metal conductive alloy, on the bottom, same as John Pawson. I haven't gone through the whole catalog, but it seems to me that the Jon Pawson, at least in the casseroles, are basically the same pots as Atlantis with prettier edges and handles.

My only Demeyere piece is a skillet, "Proline 5". I think that must be the precursor to the new Industry 5. I Can't remember for sure now, but I thought I saw a release that said that the Industry 5 were supposed to have a lower price point? (I got mine on store sale with points. :) ) The Proline 5 (comes as skillet only) is listed as 7-layer up to the edge, though it also includes the tripinduct. I don't remember if that counts as three layers. :)

I wouldn't buy pots just for beauty, but I don't think you could go wrong with the John Pawsons. The line is limited, however. If you're the type who wants everything to match precisely, you won't be able to mix in specialty pieces.

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

I own and plan on using le creuset for most things right now, but there are times when there are advantages to stainless-type posts/pans...I am thinking of using our remodel as an excuse to spend some tax return money on them (as additions, not replacements).

I haven't had a chance to handle any of them yet, but that's just a function of me not getting out to do it...I will definitely do so before making any final choices. It's good to hear the generally positive feedback, however.

Thanks again!

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Thanks for the heads up Rococogurl! I've been eyeballing Demeyere for awhile but was hesitating due to price. SCORE (I hope)!

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Pllog, the Proline 5 is described as a 7-layer construction with an aluminum layer which is just under 5mm thick. The Industry5 is described as 5-ply, with a 3mm aluminum layer, so not as even but maybe not as heavy.

I just ordered that Industry5 3qt saute. If you have SLT in your area, they are doing a promo "class" right now for $100, and you get that pan to keep. Classes were booked up in my area, with such a deal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sur La Table class locations

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For those of you in the Seattle Metro area: I just called the Kirkland location of SLT, and there are still 5 seats available. Unfortunately (for me) it is mid-day, mid-week (Feb 15th). Its a great opportunity for an amazing deal and the menu looks fabulous. If anyone goes, please report back.

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I received my SLT 3qt Industry5 saute pan -- it is quite nice! I had planned to only buy a larger one of that style (maybe 5qt, to replace my non-induction one), but this smaller one isn't so heavy and better than a frying pan for most of what I cook. I love the shot-blast case stainless handles too.

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That should have been "cast handles" not "case handles."

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Love that predictive text!

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Attofarad, thanks for the details!

The piece I yearn for but really don't need is the round griddle. :) It's beeyooteeful. But I think a $10 comal would serve the same purpose, and probably do a better job. :)

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Not sure if you're all settled with the process or not, but when I found that Pawson was on sale at SLT in NYC some months back, I bought everything they had left. I also got some pieces from City Kitchens in Seattle. I can't say enough good things about it in terms of function and aesthetics. Outstandingly even heat, handles that are substantive, and I love the look. Only downside is the price!

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