Estate Liquidation

spike_flOctober 17, 2011

I hope someone here has some ideas. I have a large estate with many antiques and collectibles to liquidate. I am having a VERY difficult time finding someone who can do that in Brevard County, FL. Everyone I've found who seems even remotely knowledgeable and trustworthy is in the Orlando area and is not interested in coming this far. Any clues?

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There are some online appraisal sites you might try - I assume you would send a picture and any relevant details to them and they would tell you the value and circa of the item. Other than that, you can do quite a lot of research yourself on the internet to date items - finding value yourself is a bit more tricky because in general you are finding the value someone will pay for the item, not necessarily it's value as a collectible you might be thinking of keeping, or its insurable value.
I'd probably start by sorting the lot, even just labeling the items in some way so you know you've got a) items that may be very old and or very valuable b) items that have collectible value c) items that have nostalgic value that you may want to keep and d) flea market or thrift store items that may or may not have a value of $1 or more.
Once you've got that sorted out, you could start researching or contacting appraisers to sort through the items in the (a) category first, then carry on from there.
If you enter 'antique appraisals' in google, you will see there are any number of online options available to help you.
We'd love to see pictures of some of the treasures!!
Suzan J

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I am assuming you want to find someone who would for a percentage of the take, just come in and sell and clean out the house? Right?
If you lived here, I copuld recommend several people/firms.
Can you find other estates that have been sold and ask who they hired? Try checking with lawyers in the area....they may know who to call....and recommendations for those.
Linda C

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Maybe look in the local newspaper for auction houses in your area? Or go to an antique store and ask about liquidating an estate?

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Did you happen to find this one? This popped up on Google search for 'Estate Auctioneers in Brevard Co, FL'. just so you know I have nothing to do with it and am not spamming. Licensed & bonded is a good thing to look for. If the estate is big enough and the contents are really really "good", you'd think most would travel. Maybe even do an appraisal, buy the lot on the spot (do some homework though to have a rough idea of what's there) and cart it away. I'm sure you're aware we (generic) tend to think our stuff is a lot more valuable than it actually is; sentiment has no monetary value and sometimes stuff is just stuff regardless of its age.

I've been through this and went the route of appraisal, sale on the spot, and the estate was gone - no fuss, no muss, no bother.

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Successsfully completed hundreds of local estate sales. Clients include Retirement Homes, Guardianship Companies and Probate Attorneys.

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