Any one know?

goinnutsMay 4, 2005

I've heard that family caregivers can recieve compensation for their time and efforts. Does any one know how this works and where I would go to get the forms needed. I have been doing this for free for 6 years. I've had it w/ other family members not helping and not being able to go any where or do things as a family. They simply don't get the fact that you can't leave an alzhiemers patient alone for ANY amount of time. Help. thank you

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Dear Goinnuts:
I would start with an elderlaw attorney. He/She can advise you...this is their field of expertise.
As far as being sick of family members not helping, it seems as if it's just about the same in "most" person takes on the role of caregiver and the rest go on their merry way. My mom, who is 83, lives with me and my DH; she has Alzheimer's. I have two sisters that pick up my mom for about 6 hours on Sunday, each taking turns, so they are each with her about 12 hours a MONTH. For a while, I was bitter and angry and depressed, but I've come to terms with it and realize that although I am baring the brunt of the work, I am also blessed with having this precious time with my mom. Before we know it, she won't recognize anyone, so I am trying to enjoy each day with her. Good luck to well, Mimi

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I have 2 thoughts.... If the person has long-term care insurance, some policies will pay for "informal" home care by a family member. Here, I see ads from the Senior Connections (Senior Services in this area) stating they have scholarships for such, or for respite. One needs to that might be a place to check. As far as I know, In VA where I live, Medicare and Medicaid do not pay for this type of care.
Wonder if the non-helping FMs could chip in a bit for a sitter to give you a break each week??? Derry

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I have known relatives getting a supplemental from Medicare? for caring for a relative. I also do not know who qualifies.
I have always felt/thought the patient had to be on Medicaid. Our son is not eligible for that, too much investments, and over these 20 years no nurse/Dr. has told me to apply for monetary help. We have a great home health nursing service in this town, and they know us and our lifestyle, I am sure they would have told us if we qualified.

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You could try finding out through your local Social Services offices. You'd have to find out through them if you can qualify for compensation. Its also possible she might quailify for other services, such as a nurses aide or possibly even adult day care. I'm in NY, the county I live in has transportation available for the disabled (I know, I'm one of the busdrivers) The Office for the Aging around here can help, and I see California has them too. I'd try asking them too, they should be able to assist. You might also be able to see about respite care, transportation to medical appointments/day care. I'm sure that there is adult daycare as well as respite available. While daycare will allow you and her time apart-you do what what you need/want to do-it will also allow her to be able to go and do things too. I know many people with varying degrees of alzheimers who benifit from daycare. Respite can be for something as breif as overnight or as long as a couple weeks.
I know how hard it is to care for someone. I have to tell you how much respect and admiration I have for you.


Here is a link that might be useful: Napa Agency on Aging

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