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agnespuffinMay 9, 2011

For anyone looking for a gift for any elderly person that is having trouble getting around.....let me suggest a Rolator. That's a walker thing with four wheels. It will cost about 125-200 depending on how fancy.

I have had one for about one year. And you couldn't pay me to give it up! It has made the difference between sitting most of the day and actually going shopping. It has kept me from falling a zillion times. I need to carry a cup of coffee or an arm load of dirty laundry, it goes on the seat without any trouble.

My son, who is a doctor, saw the difference in my getting around, and the difference in the amount of pain that moving gave me, and he started telling his patients to get one. All but one thought Rolators were for old folks. Only one, so far, took his advice. He said that the next time she was in, she nearly hugged him. She said it made all the difference in the world to her.

Granted, that it might not work for everyone, but it's worth trying to see if the person would accept it.

At first, I didn't think it would be worth the money. But it has paid for itself in more ways than one. My husband doesn't worry about leaving me at home by myself and I can easily use it to hoist my butt out of my chair or bed.

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Agnes, do you mean one like to linked? It's far superior to the little aluminum 'zimmers" (as they are called in England) with small wheels. The larger wheels can better roll over surface irregularities, and the zimmer's little wheels can actually be dangerous, catching on every small thing on the ground.

For some people, tho, the problem is that Medicare only pays for a zimmer-style walker, and you can't apply the cost to an upgrade, either.

You can shop around for a good price, too. When my mother needed one, we found that the local medical supply store's price was more than twice what we paid online, with free shipping, no less.

My client who is on a very restricted income got one from the manager of her apartment complex, left when another tenant moved into a nursing home. So it's good to ask around.

My friend calls it her Cadillac. ;-)

Thanks for mentioning this Agnes, it's a great idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rolling walker

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yes, that's like the one I have. There's also a three wheeled one, that I thought I would like, but I tried it out and found that it is not nearly as steady.

Also, check to see how easily it is to fold up to put in a car. Mine takes just one easy pull.

And even if Medicare won't pay for's well worth every penny of the cost.

I think that why it works so well, is that it uses the person's arm and the frame of the walker to supply stability instead of the weaked back, leg or hips. You get a more normal gait.

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Here's the best one, IMHO. Mom's (99) has had it for quite a few years, now, and it's been terrific. Have had quite a few PT personnel ask us where we got it, so impressed were they.

Added benefit: If things turn bad all-at-once, patient can sit on it and be wheeled around until proper wheelchair can be obtained. We've done this several times. Really saves the day!

Here is a link that might be useful: Best walker, IMHO

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A couple of points... the rolling walkers have not be good for very frail people, it could 'get away' from someone, and it requires some dexterity/decision to set the brakes.

And never take a gift like this to someone in a nursing home without express approval of the staff. The staff will have their own walkers available, and a valuable one might roll right out the door when no one is watching.

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