Goebel hummel figurines

nanny2aOctober 15, 2010

When my 86 year old grandmother died in 1980, she left for me 5 hummel figurines by Goebel that she'd collected in her lifetime. They all have the Goebel mark and numbers on the bottoms. I know just the basics about how the hummel figurines got their start, and clearly don't know enough to determine whether or not these are of any spectacular value. What is the best resource to determine if they have any value at all, and if so, where would you recommend I try to sell them?

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Their value fluctuates, and is all over the board depending on the age, the design etc. My mother also collected them when we lived in Europe and some of her pieces are rather valuable. I don't know what you consider spectacular value, but three figure anyway. They'd be of interest to a specific audience and you probably shall have to find some way to interface with groups of Hummel collectors. I have no intention of ever selling those I inherited, knowing how much pleasure they brought my mother. When distributing her estate, I try to look at who would appreciate 'things' as opposed to money so that her items won't be sold.

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I looked up Hummels on eBay and the prices were all over the place. Some of the more expensive ones didn't have any bids or they were listed "Buy Now" with no takers as yet.

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All genuine M. I. Hummel figurines made by Gobel are valuable. Some more than others.
If you are serious about determining their value, contact a collectors club like this one.

Hummel figurines are highly sought after by collectors with several models valued at hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per piece. Pieces such as "For Father", "Globe Trotter", "Little Goat Herder", and "Going to Grandmas" are good examples of valuable collectibles. As with all collectibles, condition and rarity will affect value, but don't let anyone tell you that your Hummel figurine is not collectible or not valuable. Remember, someone who is interested in buying your Hummels for their collection or for resale in their store will most likely not provide an accurate appraised value. Why? They don't want to pay top dollar for a valuable Hummel!

Here is a link that might be useful: about Hummels

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Linda, thanks for the info site. I will look into this more throughly. I've seen them on Ebay, and also at several auctions I've attended, where I was shocked at some of the prices they sold for! Naturally, I'd like to find someone who really appreciated and enjoyed them to sell them to, but then again, I don't want to be "taken", if any of them are of significant value. While I appreciate my grandmother's affection for them, they don't affect me the same way, and I have plenty of other items she gave me while she was living, that I truly do value.

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How old are you do you have children? Grand children? Nieces and grand nieces?
if you sell them I predict in 5 years you will be sorry.
What are the names of the pieces you have?
Linda C

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I've done some researching around, and know one thing, I'll not sell the adult size 17 piece Nativity collection that we have. I neglected to show a pix of that because it's in storage with our Christmas boxes, and I do display that in a lovely arrangement every year. That set is quite valuable.

The other pieces are "Aufwiedersehen"," Playmates", "Coquettes", "We Congratulate", and the "Baker". I do have adult children, who presently have no interest in them, two male grandsons, and twin boys due in February. I guess I could save them, in case someone develops an interest in the collection, but right now all that's collecting is dust!

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If every grandmother got rid of stuff that was collecting dust, other members of the family wouldn't have any family antiques.
Get rid of junk but save things that have value.

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Lindac do you really think the higher value of HummelâÂÂs will ever return??? I have over 78 HummelâÂÂs and a very reputable auction house in Boston told me I would get maybe $1,500.00 for them ALL!!! Very disappointing Not that I want to sell because I donâÂÂt they came to look for insurance purposes. I have done my research and book value for them all is around $35,000.00 big difference from what they told me todayâÂÂs value is.

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Yes....they are beyond "collectables". they are fine porcelain with nice (even if cute) art work. They are NOT Precious moments or beanie babies.
BUT know the difference between the ones marks with i m Hummel and those which are not and certain "hummel" items made by Schmidt.
Linda C

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Here we go again! Precious Moments are porcelain bisque which is hardly in the same catagory as beanie babies.

Now, the unfortunate reality is that ebay has effectively lowered the bar for Hummel, Precious Moments, and virtually all collectibles of what ever ilk.

Basically, folks have tried to sell their "collections" to raise cash with the accompanying market glut. That's why Hummels with a book value of $35,000 are selling for $1,500. Bottom line, are you so anxious to sell your pieces that you are willing to accept a mere fraction of their value?

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