He may have dementia....

lindajewellMay 12, 2008

....but he is not all gone. My dad was hanging around the kitchen tonight while I was preparing dinner. He was fasinated with the spaghetti squash so I gave him a fork and had him "pull" it out of the skin. He worked really hard, considering he has very limited vision, and managed to get it all. Then he asked, "What should I do with it" so I had him scoop it in to the frying pan which had onions and garlic in it.........after it sauted for a little bit I had him taste it. He told me it needed more salt, so in went more salt. He tasted it again and told me it was now perfect. LOL! When we sat down to eat I told him it was very good and he said THANKS!

I try to give him jobs to do that I know he can manage. If I had been thinking he could have chopped the onions because I have one of those Vidalia chop wizard things so it is very safe for him to use.

I know I am rambling but it feels good to see my dad still trying to do things, inspite of his vision and dementia. Of course if you were to ask him now if he helped with dinner he probably would not remember, but I will remember!

Linda J

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Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. You are a fine example of how love, compassion, and patience can help people through situations that could be difficult and challenging. Bless you!

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It's a different world, but a worthwhile one. Bravo for being open to the experience. I encourage you to go with him as far as you are able.

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What a wonderful experience for you.

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