Hey Deborah

gabby_49May 22, 2006

Just seen posts wondering where you are. We all hope things are fine with you. Perhaps the computer is down, lets hope it is minor and not major. I hope you post soon....has summer landed in Canada yet>>>>>sunshine and warm weather....and hope Al and family are doing well....HUGS Gabby

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Hello Deb,
I like Gabby have been thinking about you all. I pray all is well with you,Al and kids. Miss you. God Bless, Nora

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Good morning, well at 10 am it's already 73 degrees and humid (it feels like we live in florida! with the humidy and heat!). our computer was in the shop for over 2 weeks and it is loaded with only the basics (Connie, i can't reply to you because of the programme they have installed so i have to wait till theu find the recovery disks from another store, imagine a big chain that can't find disks and they have tried 4 other stores now they have to order them from the states!, so i will reply to you soon, would love to hear about your butterflies!). The leaves are not out yet, however, our plum and apple trees have white and pink blooms! Al has had 2 minor heart attacks but seems to be fine right now and is going to go to physio tomorrow for his hand, this weather we've been having has him in constant pain, so i'll be making a doctor's appointment later on today. one of the reasons i think he had a heart attack is because of some good news Carley was accepted to her first choice and second choice university (really the same university but 2 different programmes) with a busary and scholarship for the 4 years, and also an offer from the university here in our town and a scholarship, not as good as the offer from out of town though, the busary was one of 20 from across Canada!, so she will be going out of town instead of a 5 minute car ride to school! - go figure! i am busy making grad gowns yes gowns, not for a bunch of girls just mine! for those of you who are new, i am a quilter and i do volunteer sewing for a hockey league and have done this for the past 13 years!, so we buy a bunch of patterns and i have just a ton of fabric so i end up making 6 gowns out of extra fabric, but i say to her there's no way i'm putting the zippers in them now, i hate putting in zippers!, so that is the big laugh here, she says to her friends my mom made me 6 dresses and she didn't put the zippers in, since they are not sewers they do not find this funny at all. needless to say after i talk to all of you i am going back to the dress, red satin yes red satin, cocktail length and it is a high fitting halter style, she pick it all out, she said she didnt want anything skankey(sleezy)it must be elegant, so only 16 days left of high school! dear son is not at home, not yet, in my eyes, he must still learn alot about the feelings of others and just general life skills, he turned 23 on tuesday and was also made sales manager of the store! he is thinking about opening his own store now, but with all the thousands of people out of work here, i don't think it's a good idea. well it's off to the dress, wish me luck, and welcome all the new folks! 10 minutes of uv rays are good for you (Cdn. study) just don't overdo it! enjoy your day!!! debbie

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Hi Deb.
Glad it was your computor and nothing else that kept you from the gardenweb.
The monarchs are here and laying lots of eggs. Looks like it will be a very good summer for butterflies.

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Hey everyone....no news here. getting hot.
(((All))) Derry

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Hi Everyone... It's good to see new faces. Welcome to the forum.

Debbie, you are always doing a million things! :) Six gowns... You are something else. Have you started on the ziippers yet? :)

You and Al must be very proud of your children. Congratulations on your son's promotion and your daughter's scholarships. What wonderful news. You will miss her when she goes to college... Have a blessed day. ~breezy

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Hey there Deb, I second the motion that you seem always so busy. I guess it passes time for you. I am glad that it was not ill health of Al or one of your family that kept you away. These darn computers are a pain, but so much fun communicating with friends. What would we do with-out them? Sounds as if your kids are doing wonderful, makes it alot easier when they are. Congrads on them. Guess it takes a while for summer to get to Canada huh. We were in Florida for a month seeing our boys and there were days it was so HOT, it was just unbearable to be out, air condition felt good tho. Well you keep taking care of your wonderful family and keep in touch.I will check later....HUGS Gabby

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It's sooo good hearing from all of you! Well let me start with the dresses, good thing i enjoy sewing! for some reason the final dress that she will be wearing is scaring me, and i'm sewing so slow! it's not that thematerial is expensive total price 13.89! we got her high heels 39.00, and this little beaded bag 25.00, so we got off easy! the ceremoney is tomorrow night at our community autitorium and the road is called Paul Shaeffer drive, yes paul is from here. Matthew will be coming too and has even ordered her flowers all by himself. he was over on sat. and sun. doing yard work for us at no charge, the grass in the back yard was up tomy knees! and our back yard is huge 60 X 120, so it was very nice of him! i know Al is excited about tomorrow night, he's getting his hair washed (by me)_ this afternoon when it's a little warmer out - only 60 right now. i shortened his new pants last nite (for our new friends, Al is adouble above the knee amputee. we also went looking for a new car on friday, and i must tell you that since we get US tv, our cars and trucks are about 2,000.00 more, but it's notworth it for youto comefor vacation atyour dollar doesn't get much of an exchange rate, ithinklastyearyour dollar was worth 1.40 now it's 1.04, and gas is 105.9 a litre! anyways no new carfor awhile yet. i went to3 church yard sales andgot books,books andmorebooks and alsomore fabric! so i spent a grand total of 3.00. Looks tomethatsomething iswrongwiththe keyboard now - lol. Gabby, the weather last weekfelt like we were in Florida, the humidy is so high here, but anything is better than cold and snow! it is so pretty right now, people have spring bulb plants in bloom and the apple trees and other flowering trees and my fav. lilacs, we have them down both sides ofourback yard it smells beautiful! well i have to vaccum so i can sew a little more, enjoy the day! and lets herewhat everyone esle is up to when they have afewfree minutes! debbie

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