Me VS My Mom's Nursing Home

buffee92027May 6, 2011

My mom has been in this place for 17 months. This place cost 12,000 per month. I have ranted & raved for months, I have taken 58 photographs. Now here it almost mother's day and once again my mom is in the ICU! Why? because shes septis from a UTI that made her blood pressure drop to below 60. This is the 6th UTI in a year. Between the bruises, skin tears(ones like you have never don not do them justice, just horrible) Norweigian Crusted Scabies, and chronic UTI's. I mean they are going to kill her. I have &*^%$# about the water, I don;t care if she is on a feeding tube, your body needs WATER, and we have argued about changing her diapers often. I have to be on their &^% 24-7. There is NO other place to put my mom. Shes has a TRACH and there are only 2 places within 15 minutes, the other places are an hour away. I am disabled, so it has to be close. I just don't get it, this place got a perfect score from the County when they were up there in March and once again I am spending a holiday with my mom either in the ICU or Quarantine. I am not like other people, my mom is THERE because I had NO choice, not because I put her there. We lived together for 13 years, and she walked 5 miles a day, did 3 hours gardening a day, we had 6 cats, and she took care of me thru 5 surgeries, all she had was some arthritis in her neck and that stupid surgeon talked her into NECK FUSHION "piece of cake" "she'll be home in 48 hours" Well that was May 20th, 2009, and he brain damaged her and left her on a TRACH.

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Sounds as if you have a bad situation on your hands. There is probablly no good solution at this time.

You need to think about the fact that her time is running out. Mother Nature is trying to take over and ease her way out. I know that's not plesant to think about, but maybe it's time.

She may be tired of fighting.

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The National Long Term Care Ombudsman program is in all states. You need to contact your local group and see if they can advocate in your behalf for your mother.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ombudsman

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