Antique railroad platter?

susankaOctober 1, 2013

Hi, everyone. I'm the prez of a small all-volunteer nonprofit. Someone donated this platter to us. It looks to me like it might be from a railroad, and antique. If you could tell me where I might find out more about it -- I've googled it extensively but can't find anything like it -- or give me an idea of its value I'd sure appreciate it. Our little organization gives lots of gifts to kids at Christmas, and I'm hoping this platter will add a bit to our total for gifting.

It has "65" or maybe "465" imprinted into the back, as well as what may be an "L" and a "5". It also says "decorado en fabrica". I can't make out what the image on the back is except that there is a vase under the triangular design above. The image on the front is of a stylized man pulling a fish.

Thanks very much for any help you can offer.

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I believe the phrase "decorado en fabrica" is in Portuguese and translates as "factory decorated".

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Thanks for your help, justlinda. I think it could also be Spanish.

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Why do you think it's from a railroad? Most of that had the railroad's logo on it. Or train-related designs, not a man fishing.

If I were guessing, I'd say it's from a restaurant that specialized in seafood.

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lazygardens, the only reason I thought it might be from the Santa Fe is that my dad worked for the Santa Fe, we rode on the train a lot, and this platter looks similar to how I remember the dinnerware 50+ years ago. I think too it would be likely to have the SF logo on it if it were a railroad piece, but didn't really know. I have no idea if this platter has any value at all; just hoping.

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Platters like this were pretty commonplace in the fifties, and I have a set my inlaws (who owned an abettoir) purchased for a special steak dinner they hosted for a sports event. It's typical individual serving dinnerware. If you are really interested in IDing a maker, an actual photograph showing the back markings would help, whether it makes sense to you or not when you read it. I'm at a loss why it would be imported for restaurant ware, since many domestic potteries were cranking them out in that era, but agree it's imported.

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calliope, I'll take some more photos today. Can't get them into the computer until tonight. I did take closeups of the back before, but the flash ruined them. Thank you so much. I would like to know as much as I can about this platter.

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Doesn't look like Santa Fe railroad china to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Santa Fe railroad china google search

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ideefixe, I think you and others are right. It isn't SF, and perhaps not railroad. I've googled it many times and have found similarities (as in some of your photos) but not an identical piece. I guess I'll give up the battle unless someone else comes up with an image that matches. I don't really care if it's railroad dinnerware or not, just was hoping it's an antique worth a little bit. If it were SF that would be fun for me, but not the most important thing. Thanks very much.

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