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LizFebruary 25, 2013

I need some advice how to deal with the company I bought my appliances from. My appliances are 6 months old. My maytag dryer has already been replaced once and now the drum is beating again, the dishwasher has leaked twice and the door is out of line and wont close plus doesn't clean properly, one of the kitchenaid convection fans in the double ovens has been replaced, and the front burner on the kitchenaid pro rangetop the igniter stays on. I spent over 20,000 with them and I am frustrated the items I purchased are not working. I want them to take my kitchenaid dishwasher and give me something different. I am beyond frustrated. Is it unreasonable for me to demand a new different one? I would even take a floor model. I am so mad. They are not being easy to deal with. There is one year warranty but I want a completely different dishwasher because of all the problems. It leaked through my roof into the basement twice and it doesn't clean very well. WWYD? What you expect?

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The warranty for the appliances is through the manufacturer, not the retailer. What do the authorized service providers say about the issues? What does the manufacturer say? It is THEIR responsibility to satisfy the warranty issues that you are having.

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Your dealer also has some responsibility here. You gave your money to them and they represent the company. I would ask them to assist you in getting a buy back of your appliances from the manufacturer. If you can't get this done quickly(your warranty clock is ticking) I would report them to the better business bureau and determine what your rights as a consumer are in your state. You may need to consult an attorney. If you spent 20k it might be worth it if you can get no help.

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