Not Caregiving---About Me!!

jeanninetxMay 27, 2005

Only because most of you are probably my age (or close) I am posting this. I had a scheduled appointment for my annual Mammogram, and Bone Density tests today. I luckily have used the same Radiological site for over 6 years.

Today filling out the necessary paper work, they had a new one to sign--"some insurance companies will NOT pay if the tests are too soon". I am glad they had that, when they checked my records my private insurance says "1 Year and 1 Day apart" Guess What?? Today was the 1 Year!!! Now I have to wait until they had another opening---A week from Monday.

If they had not had my previous info I would have gotten the dumb things and had to pay for them myself!!!

Since I have Osteoporosis I am entitled to a yearly exam. I don't want to pay 350$ for it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ironic isn't it! Same thing happened to my sister. She and I were traveling home from a trip. We left early that morning because she had an appointment that afternoon for same test. We ran into car trouble, and she had to have her husband cancel the appointment. When she went a week later, they told her how fortunate she was to have canceled. She would have had to pay for the test because she hadn't cleared the required time... Why the extra day's wait??? Sounds a little tricky, doesn't it! :) ~breezy

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I got the same thing here, ya not alone.. I also had to wait..

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