gabby_49May 22, 2006

Ohhhh what a wonderful move. I am sure you are excited. Did you say you will be staying with your sister? Or is it the church home? I wish you well and hope all goes well, what a great opportunity to have to serve the Lord. I am sure he will flouish you best to you. We have to follow our hearts. I am not sure what we plan to do but maybe go home and husband find odd jobs just to supplement until we can reach social security age....take care and do let me know how you are...HUGS and God Bless ...Gabby

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The church has a house for can see it from the church...about a half/block...right behind the church is a lot that is vacant and they told us that Dad could have it for a garden...he is excited about that...Dad will have a room set up with some of his things at my sisters...and he will have a room at our house. He wants to spend equal time with us both. With us not selling our home....he will be able to finish out his garden here....and he also planted a garden at my sisters seems that his main focus has been planting his gardens....we have just let him plant all he wants...LOL...if everything grows and produces...we can feed and army. Been busy going thur and getting ready for a huge garage sale...this is a good time to get rid of things....feels good to do that. Dad is ready to go thur Moms things...she would want others that needed her things to have them...we waited for Dad to make that call. With my daughter staying here I can still store some of my furniture that I don't want to sell....I have alot of family pieces that maybe my girls will want later. The house we are moving to is about the same size as we have now. Will just have to see what I need. You take care and hope all will go well with you....lets do keep in touch. God Bless, Nora

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Hi Nora & Gabby! I post very little any more, but am so glad I checked the forum tonight. I read through some posts and am so thankful to see that the spot on your breast wasn't anything serious, Gabby. Much to be thankful for...

And Nora!!! :) How wonderful that your husband is answering God's call to preach. I'm so excited for you both! You will be a blessing by his side. I can just picture you ministering to everyone from little grandbabies to the elderly. I pray everything goes smoothly. May God's anointing rest upon you both in great measure... ~breezy

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